I’m a sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley. I grew up in the sands of California, moved to the city of Hyderabad in India for middle school and now, returned back to Cali.

I have a precious little brother, a family who supports me every step of the way, the most wonderful set of friends and a 7 year old labrador retriever.

To tell you about me in a random cloud of words, I’m spontaneous, naive, outgoing, deeply introspective, bubbly, committed and someone who loves to love. A constant live radio, a social firefly and a conversational debater, is what I like to describe myself as.

A dreamer and a relentless chaser is a slightly heroic representation of my figurine.

I’ve been writing for as long as I remember; I have vague memories of scribbling down silly rhymes whenever I had a minute of time. Through the years, the passion has been left unfazed. Also through passing time, has come the deepening of the maturity of my being and brimming curiosity of the unknown – which has been constant muse for my writing.

The blog in front of you combines several thoughts, rants, beliefs and values I’ve learnt to hold over time. Many of which may seem to not align with those of contemporary modern schools of thought. But here I stand, and here I lay, trying to lace my mental picture of life into strings of alphabets and words.

My best friend, Nikhil Jain, wrote this about me for my 16th birthday. It’s beautiful and feels just right to end this blurb:

A smile like cherry upon blossom, 

Inspired, inspiring and hilariously awesome. 

Know well enough, come your way expectations will, 

Yet unleash your brilliance unfazed, and shine on, shine on still.

Call me Summer or SowCow; my name is Sowgandhi Rayapudi.

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