A fire will die out if you don’t fuel it with what it needs to continue to light up.

A burning passion today will cease to exist if you don’t keep it going with motivation and action to make it last.

Fire; it’s powerful, it is illuminating and it has the capacity to be oh so dangerous, when it swings out of control.

So are you. Your passion tied together with free will driven by motivation is equally powerful, has the potential to light up the places it wishes to go to and has the capacity to be shocking, when you power it past expectations.

I’m at a homam pooja or ‘fire ritual’ at present, and have been watching the fire burn the logs for the past few minutes. The fight it’s going through to make sure it lasts, drawing energy from every little piece of wood or camphor, is in essence, absolutely inspirational.

I look at fire and I want to reach out and grab its power. The hard logs – relate to any memories that you want out of your memory but seem to be etched and haunt you every now and then. But the relentless spirit of the fire is burning the very same wood to turn it into crumbling ashes, into things that mean relatively less. Fire has it all – the inert drive to last and spread influence, it’s infectious energy, and the power to lighten up any place it chooses to exist – whether it be a place that merely needs hope or sees constant darkness.

But as much as we love fire and use it pretty much on a daily basis, we’re cautious. Just as we must be with our wildest dreams – whether it may be dangers of negative forces of spite, selfishness or uncontrolled ambition, it is important to evaluate and be aware. And also correlating the concept of fire to me as a person, I want to be a personification of the same pattern – someone who is loved, yet feared.


I want my dreams to be fire and,

I want to be fire.


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