On That Music Grind

One track, one step.

One track, another step.

One track, and we keep going.

Walking to my first class in a rush every morning, I see around me pretty much every single person with a pair of earphones plugged into a phone. I walk over to the library later in the day to do some reading, and there’s people sharing earphones, beating their feet to the tempo of the music. It’s gym time, and everyone’s sporting a pair of headphones, some blasting out loud jams to not hear their gasps of lack of breath. It’s night time, and I catch myself ending the day with music – just the way I started it.

The power of a single song to place you in an alternate digital universe will never cease to amaze me. Look around you and think about how each and every single person with those earphones is listening to something different – different beats, different genres, different languages. Yet you’re sitting in one room or standing in one place.

A world without music in my ears is a world that I cannot possibly imagine. It starts my day, it pumps me up, it keeps me going, it can flip my mood around but most importantly, it connects. This relationship isn’t unique to me – it’s something every single person around me has. How stunning is this whole possibility that we cannot cease to live with?

Something that definitely cannot be described with words, but just a rhythm.




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