Documenting High School

So earlier today, my friend asked me about my opinion about an essay prompt he was to write for his research application, which got me thinking.

It went like this: As you reflect on your learning experiences in high school, what has intrigued you the most and why?

It didn’t surprise me, when a number of things ran through my cerebrum at the pondering of that question. Four years worth of time spent, there were so much I questioned and spent nights thinking about.

1. The Quickness of Time –

I graduated high school about two weeks ago, but I remember ever so clearly the summer of 2011. I remember looking at the bigger history books and the seemingly impossible math sums that were engulfed in the study guides – I remember thinking how I was ever to survive freshman year.

It’s been 4 complete years since, and I cannot believe how much of change has took place in so little time. It’s like playing a video in fast loop; where did all the time go?

The minute hand on the clock ticks through several rotations, passing through short eras of your time, before you know it.

Time passes by quick – so quick that sometimes, you tend to have –

2. Regrets. 

Freshman year was pretty smooth, I worked hard to make sure I stepped up from rank 3 to shuffling between the top 2, to satisfy my ego. Sophomore year was pretty much the same for the first semester, but then, came the second. Friendships and Wattpad seemed to take over, and by the time I realized, it was a little too late to take back all the wasted time that was then unknown. The extremely possible perfect GPA just slipped out of my hands – almost there, but I wasn’t. The first pack of regrets.

Junior year, and I told myself to not repeat the same. Day 1 began, and I was on top of my heel. Towards the end of the year, the grades weren’t those of regret; it was the standardized testing. First attempt at the SAT didn’t go by too well, but the summer proved to be my key to re-solving the puzzle from the start. Second attempt went pretty well, and so did the forth coming ACT over the following semester. Second pack of regrets quickly broke down by streams of pacing right.

Senior year, regrets academically may have been the poor subject test preparation and realization that I hadn’t listened to my dad an year ago when picking IB subjects. But once again, regrets on this side were at minimum, while predicted grades, mid-term grades, college acceptances and summer school experience rose to a high. I was at my peak in my time during high school.

Yet, senior year holds my greatest regret to date. Spending time with the family.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been so steered into focusing on the acads, I’ve given decreasing importance to the people right next to me through every step of time. And over the same time, apart from just the academics, I’ve begun to give in importance to other things of nature, from social networking to skyping. And as the quickness of time hits in, it’s too late to take back the lost time.

But I realize now, and it’s never too late.

I’ve been on a high since this strike of cognizance.

But most importantly, these years at high school have shown me that on a larger scale, there’s always going to be a constant opportunity cost, which will lead you to constant regrets of some kind of another. Time is scarce, and regrets are unlimited. It’s in the hands of the beholder to make her decision.

3. Possibilities in the Future – 

The future is untold, fate is unknown.

Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be crushed when they might not happen.

So much has happened through the four years, that contained hills of riding up unexpected desires, and sliding down the regrets that may have affected my future.

But never give up; it’ll be worth it.

4. The Road versus The Outcome – 

Cliché as ever, but the road truly is above what is wished to be attained.

There’ve been so many times through my last two years of high school, where the goal/outcome was key, and the path to it didn’t matter 2 cents to the people. But, for those who travelled with core determination, the road seemed to show them more green valleys to travel forth into discoveries. When thought of positively, the road always led to her primary destination.

Or maybe, it could’ve just been a game of –

5. Karma and Time.

Years at high school, once again, taught me that good things really do happen to good people.

And to those who’ve experienced it, keep the same in mind as you continue to go forth in your being the gem you are.

But to those who haven’t, don’t stop believing. Karma doesn’t necessarily have to work quick, no. Rewards will come later, in form of what you truly desired, or otherwise, or just things that cannot be quantified – things like respect.

6. Relationships – 

Family, my backbone. They’ve been the ones who’ve put up through the various shades and alter egos I hold, and yet, despite the scary colors, stand with me every day. Not a single mark would’ve been made on this path or finding myself as the individual today, without them.

Friends, my given cheerleaders to every moment. Through the four years, there’ve been some who’ve come and gone, or stayed throughout, but people who’ve made differences that I would never phase out.

And then coming to, of course, taking a glance into the world of love, infatuation and mystery.

It’s an enigma, of how this simple connection can really switch moods around, make you feel so alive. But it’s ever so intriguing to wonder at the relationship between age and love – of course, there is never no minimum to feeling as such, but when do we really find love? What is love?

I see around me, several couples claiming that they’re in love, yet breaking up in a few following months. I see myself questioning the essence of it, but constantly denying the presence of it. Because to me, after these years of introspecting and observing, true love cannot be defined, nor can it be ever concrete that it has been found. But reason to why I’d say love is scary to experiment, on a personal level, at this age, is because we’re all so vulnerable, so young, so wild – differences in expectations, broken hearts and regrets once again are so possible.

Yet, after all this, I’d still end with an ironic note that there is the constant pull of the quickness of time, and you just run with the wind, chasing what you want, perhaps, putting away the put rationalization from above.

High school lessons, in a blurb.

There’s so many more introspections and observations I could never possibly list at one go – the beauty in simplicity, the awe felt at the herd mentality and changing notions of popularity, are only some of the many.

But to end this post, all I want to really say is that, high school shouldn’t be daunted like how everyone portrays it to be. Neither should we assume that college will really help us learn more than high school ever has. Because we’d be wrong.

We’re constantly breathing in environments enriched with implicit lessons; it’s how we take sight of them, how we place them in our radar and how we move them forth in our expedition of life.


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