Young and Naïve

Young and naïve, we stood here through days of storming winds and sunny skies for over a period of a long nineteen months.

Yesterday – it feels like yesterday – we were up watching the fireworks, underneath a sky full of stars.

Yawning, I remember us fighting our sleep to talk about life’s adventures, mysteries and journeys.

Yosemite, was only one of the places we put down on our bucket list to visit when we grew older, that one night we had one of our classic deep conversations.

You and me, we promised we’d keep trying until it was time to come.

You and me, we’d been through so many swerves – we thought we were ready for the little bumps that would come by.

You and me, we didn’t realize complications were going to get in the way so soon.

Yelling, shouting, perfect storms, we could feel all the tables turn.

Yelping, crying, weeping in metaphorical tears in hope of keeping together what we once had, what we thought we had – only to realize that it was all to shed.

Yearning for the past, we held on to strings until they all fell loose and we were left hanging on to the last one.

Yesterday, the last straw finally broke.

You and me, we haven’t had the same connection as we did we first met hands.

You and me, we haven’t had a smooth sail in a while now.

You and me, we’re still so dependent – it’s quite scary.

Yet, realization that this time its going to be a stable decision for a while now, strikes.

Yet, you still give to me bundles of love that I will never be able to reciprocate.

Yet, while you give me space, you hold hope for the future to come.

Yes, granted, this may not be a period, but just a pause in our journey – it’s a probability of equal halves – two halves that I’m okay with.

Years from now, I’m not sure where we’ll be – what we’ll be.

Young and naïve is how we started, and young and naïve is how this chapter halts.

Inspired by: Fearful Symmetry


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