An Equivalent to the Stars

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

Wise, smart and intricately majestic.

A small town boy who searched for pennies underneath his cot, into someone who transformed into a man of great ambition, into an inspiration for anyone who steps on his shadow.

A story that traverses adventures of childhood naivety, friendships, dilemmas that might affect two generations, opportunity costs between two things that matter, a trail that seems to be going uphill with simultaneous stress and positive turnovers and finding out the answer to how much is enough.

He stands up high, growing inch by inch to touch the sky, to touch every soul around him – and us – in his unforgettable journey. An Equivalent to the Stars, based upon a true story, explores the definition of life as it is, finding Shangri-La and making dreams that were previously incapable to even occur in a slip of a daydream come true.

Three hours behind a screen, to change every waking second of the rest of your time inspired by a star right on the ground we’re standing on, to mark our lives so forth.

Inspired by: <a href=””>Four Stars</a>


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