do we NEED sex to sell

“Apparently, sex doesn’t always sell”

From what I see on social media and from what I hear from various circles, Abercrombie and Fitchs’ new policy seems to lay off several girls. So you see, sex does sell. It’s just, there’s always controversy that is going to surround it – and I’m one of those who would initiate it as well. While I would commend A&F’s policy, I fail to recognize the difference between stripping down male models to their bare chest only on billboards in order to advertise, versus Victoria Secrets’ excessive emphasis on practically naked girls in campaigns, advertisements and in part of various marketing strategies. Why was the controversy that surrounded A&F taken ever so seriously and why was the store policy completely revamped, versus debate on the sexual objectification of women is taken to just be another group of voices in a crowded cafeteria with no real power? I think a flat out answer would be that it’s accepted by society today to strip women down to a pieces of cloth, to give them shapes and sizes and be plastered on every single billboard down the highway – but the case with men, it’s automatically condemned and even leads to customers feeling offended to an extent where action must be taken. What about all the plus-size girls/”a class” of feminists/the girls who were ruined of their self esteem due to the over objectification of women and classifying them into categories of shapes? Is action EVER going to be taken? I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that our society will take great action so as to change Victorias’ policy completely.


“…Abercrombie & Fitch, (which) has long been notorious for shamelessly using half-naked male models on billboards and shopping bags and as live props in front of stores to lure in customers.”

Once again, I fail to see a difference.

Granted, that VS does not hold models in their shop to serve as sales assistants. But as commented before, I think their entire use of “Victoria’s Secret Angels“, using only super skinny women to give girls a picture of the heavenly body, is far more influential in the minds of young teenagers. I see it myself. Even the girls I know who appear to most as beautiful, fit or in words of boys, “hot”, scroll down the feeds of these angels or watch their shows, with the dire need to thin down. So, I’m pretty sure it’s as influential or perhaps, even greater. But as mentioned, society chooses to null out this influence to just debate that doesn’t seem to affect the company’s popularity or policy to any extent.

“But starting on Friday, the retailer announced that such flashes of abs, pectoral muscles and sculpted flesh would no longer be welcome in their stores. The Ohio-based brand stated that it would stop using sexualized marketing in materials such as in-store photos, gift cards and shopping bags for both Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, effective immediately.”

Sexualized marketing (which by the way, includes shirtless men, not 3/4th naked girls) on gift cards being paid more attention than years and years of controversy surrounded around the labeling of women body type? Now, I’m not being the kind of feminist or the kind of person who’s trying to downplay what A&F is doing, no. Like stated, I think what they’re doing is going to positively influence or not negatively affect an entire generation of boys. But what about the other side? What about the girls? If action is being taken to take away the image of body types from the minds of young boys, what about doing the same for the girls? No, but if done, opposite to A&F’s predicted rising sales, Victoria’s Secret is probably going to lose out on their popularity for ruining their self created definition of ‘sexy’.

Because that’s just how society apparently works now.

An Equivalent to the Stars

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

Wise, smart and intricately majestic.

A small town boy who searched for pennies underneath his cot, into someone who transformed into a man of great ambition, into an inspiration for anyone who steps on his shadow.

A story that traverses adventures of childhood naivety, friendships, dilemmas that might affect two generations, opportunity costs between two things that matter, a trail that seems to be going uphill with simultaneous stress and positive turnovers and finding out the answer to how much is enough.

He stands up high, growing inch by inch to touch the sky, to touch every soul around him – and us – in his unforgettable journey. An Equivalent to the Stars, based upon a true story, explores the definition of life as it is, finding Shangri-La and making dreams that were previously incapable to even occur in a slip of a daydream come true.

Three hours behind a screen, to change every waking second of the rest of your time inspired by a star right on the ground we’re standing on, to mark our lives so forth.

Inspired by: <a href=””>Four Stars</a>

Senioritis and Transition

Although I finished all my internal assignments required for IB back in mid-February, I’d say that they were ready to be wrapped up along with every detailed touch and so forth about two weeks ago. Right around the time I got into UCLA.

Now ever since late February, I told myself to get geared up and start studying for IB exams. Even though I got into college, I still did work 2 years continuously putting in my all, and I do want to see the same reflected in my diploma. Although the constant though penetrated through my mind, I look back now to see all those evenings after school be spent on nap time or catching up on everything I’ve been missing over the months on YouTube or otherwise. Just when I thought senioritis was still not in grand effect because nevertheless I was still working on those touch ups through the weeks, March 21st happened and one of my two top colleges had accepted me.

Yeah, now that started senioritis.

I didn’t realize it then, but I spent every day from then to the 27th falling in love with UCLA – forgetting about IB and telling myself that I still had time. And then the 27th hit, and as senioritis hit harder because I literally entered my dream. So for the past week up until yesterday, I spent pretty much 80% of my time on my personal Cloud 9. And although one certain thought was passing my head throughout the time, it really struck out to me yesterday.

I was at home and I printed out a Berkeley sticker for my binder, in which I trap all my notes. I stuck it on the file, and I looked at it for a good 2 minutes. Pride flushed through, but then so did fright.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been worrying about whether I could survive at LA or Berk – whether I’ll be able to cope up with the rigor or whether it’s too academically stimulated for myself. But honestly, I’ve done it for the past 2 years. IB is considered one of the most rigorous courses, that’s supposed to make you pee in your pants – but anyone who asks, I tell them different – that all it takes is proper planning and a mind that steers you into focus constantly.

So looking at that sticker on the file full of notes, I zoomed myself perhaps walking into Doe Library with the same file, studying for a mid term. The same me, the same kind of paper, a different environment.

UCB is going to be the next IB. People have been telling me that it’s one of the most difficult universities to survive at. That’s what I heard about IB. Now I’m not placing them at the same level, no. All I’m trying to say is that nothing is impossible and all that takes to conquer your grades is in your hands.

And again, staring at that file, I asked myself: What happened to those work ethics that UCB must’ve seen in you? What happened to those 2 years of work that you constantly put in to get your dream? Why are you scared about surviving at Berkeley when you should be scared about your exams that start in a week? How do you expect yourself to not procrastinate or not fall into a trap of desires when you’re doing it right now?

And that really got to me, in just a few seconds.

Because I thought I was going to look at this time for preparing for my exams are gearing up for college. I was going to start morphing this feeling of senioritis into a test for how much I can really push myself and stay consistently focused. Keeping the same mind since yesterday, I’ve honestly studied cumulatively studied more than I have in the last few weeks put together.

This is the last test I can give myself until the first day of college. That core Type A personality kicked in once again, and here I go back to open that binder, which holds not just my notes to prep up for the upcoming trials but also, what is going to challenge my will power for the next few weeks.