Mix Tapes

A fact no one knows about me: I love mix tapes.

Whenever I listen to a song on YouTube or Soundcloud, I listen to the suggested playlist of a mix as well. I think it’s because of two things:

a) I’m a girl who loves themes: be it, a layout theme for my Instagram space or Tumblr page, or a color coordination theme for labeling my notes or themes I dream about for decorating my room. Same concept with mix tapes. I love listening to thematic mixes that align with my mood or the situation.

b) I don’t browse through several artists or albums. Don’t get me wrong, I love music; I really do. But I don’t spend a lot of time looking for the top new 100 songs or artists (YouTube artists are an exception, however). Yet, mix tapes allow me to discover this new world in steps. I hear music I like, and expose myself to a new artist or song or pick out of a new album and lose myself.

And despite my some limited 500 songs on iTunes, unknown fact about me again: I love making mix tapes too. Maybe one day, with more song exposure, I might be able to reveal a few myself.


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