What It Is To Be Perfect

“Perfection is not about control, it’s about letting go” – Thomas Leroy from Black Swan. 

I’m the kind who’s constantly trying to reach for more; any achievement isn’t really an achievement if there’s more that could be done, more that could be coming. I’m the type who wants to be able to reach farther than the last step on the ladder – whether I’m there yet or not.

But when I was watching this movie earlier this weekend, this quote hit me. It hit me, because Nina was like me too – “I just want to be perfect” was what she’d say throughout. And that constant fear of perfection was why she was not a perfectionist.

And in same regard, how beautiful is this quote? While literally referring to Nina losing herself in ballet, it metaphorically refers to one not fearing the destination, and living in the journey as it sways. It defines the art of perfection to one of a state of psychological feeling of content and not that of balance.

I’m not a perfectionist, no.

But it’s my sole goal. What is receiving a sunna cum laude, or getting into your top choice at university or performing in front of thousands of people, if you’re not going to be perfect?

No, I’m not talking about the label of perfection that’s defined by most.

But the label that you give yourself.


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