Intuition, Reason or Promises

How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

When in times you question the same, it’s evident that the lines between intuition, reason and promises have scrambled up.

Is it really so wrong when the rock bottom of your crystal heart tells you that you’re doing the right thing?

But is it right in the first place when maybe the doors of reason and planning have been closed for a while?

Or is it right if promises have been broken or lies have been made?


Again, it’s all perspective, it’s all timing. I could have an argument for both the fair and dark sides for each of the questions posed.

Flipping the coin on Question 1, heads could be picking option A instead of option B on the test and tails could be doing drugs.

Picking a card at a Fortune Teller’s table for Question 2, one could mean blocking the long-term path for a while because the short-term gains are high enough to lead you on to a more successful road, while another card could mean you’re blocking the idea of college itself and are infested by teenage hormones.

Trying your luck for Question 3, breaking promises may lead you to falling in love for the good, or falling in love for the bad.

To my distaste of not being able to classify things into clear boxes, you can’t universally state that intuition, reason or promises are one above another at all times.


Speaking along the same lines, however, I’ve been thinking – thinking a lot about how these three words play roles in my story. Keeping aside the raw events of my life and moving on to a more deeper analysis, I’m thinking out loud here. Is it important to be rational and use reason to understand that sometimes, things may not work out in the long run due to distinct incompatibilities? Is it important to keep certain promises, but in your doing so, your want for more is only increasing by the second?

The three little worlds of their own are not what fate holds, but what dictates what you hold in your own fate.


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