The Scroll

Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale.

Once upon a time lived a rather, ordinary looking princess with dark brown hair and matching eyes, which looked at the world through a different window everyday. She was a dreamer and a deep thinker who would stand by the castle windows and look at all the people passing by. She would make up stories for all the people passing by and live in her other world of fantasy.

School was surprisingly one of the Princesss’ favorite places to go to. Mostly because she’d stand in the clothes of her alter ego – the happy one who was constantly smiling, the one who’d laugh at her own jokes, the one who’s life seemed to be tailor-made and perfect.

But she’d walk back to the castle halls, to shed her clothes and slip back into her true self. The one who felt insecure, the one who felt ugly, the one who lived in constant fear of imperfection.

She never believed what the other princes, princesses and the royal family used to tell her. That she was going to be perfectly fine in her endeavor, that she was going to end up to be a beautiful Queen – she never believed.

Her insecurity began to grow, with all her friends back in School receiving scrolls of acceptance to more and more universities. She knew patience was the key and that her scrolls were yet to deliver – one any time now and a couple in March. She sighed, the scroll she was going to receive now was probably going to be a rejection anyways.

With every passing day, she grew impatient; it was drowning her. She was taking everything too hard, too seriously upon herself. One day, the scroll finally arrived during one of her classes.

Her hands began to tremble, her eyes began to blink rapidly, her voice began to shake. Her favorite prince seemed to already predict the fate of the letter and wanted me to tear it open quick; one of her other favorite princesses stood by her side and told her to open it when she was ready. So, the princess sat for 2 whole hours, in apprehension and preparing herself for what may come.

It was time for the next class. She thought she was going to go back to the Castle and open it with the King and Queen. But her heart wouldn’t let her wait. Patience may have been always virtue, but at this point, she was seconds away from figuring out an answer.

With the princess’s soul-sister on one side, an approval from the King to go ahead and open the scroll when she was ready, the clock had just ticked 11:11. She closed her eyes, made one final wish and tore open the letter

She processed every letter in a rush. She didn’t read the first paragraph properly; she rushed to the last sentence of it. But she didn’t understand it…or did she? Was the scroll for real? She read the first sentence one more time – this time, slightly slower.

The princess squealed and held her friends’ arm. She was accepted. They squealed yet again. But then, the princess had her doubts. Did she really read the letter right? Together, they read the letter again. No doubt, the princess was really accepted.

The scroll wasn’t a rejection from college, it was an acceptance.

For a good while, her alter ego had seemed to shed away, replaced by her positive one. It was over a week and it was the same. Because she began to believe that miracles did really exist. She began to believe that there was more to come, especially to those who wait. She began to truly believe what she always wanted to believe – that karma existed.

The princess skipped back to the Castle, still in her clothes of her truly happy self.

Because she thought she deserved it.

The End.


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