Trapped Creativity in Virtual Reality

Sometimes when I scroll down my Tumblr feed, I think to myself: what is even the point of this? Re-blogging pictures to achieve what?

But every time, I’m left with that one or two pictures which leave me thinking.

It could be a picture of the latest world event, or a picture of a new addition into the Kardashian family which leaves me deeply analyzing the association between birth and success or just a picture of Italy, to add on to my bucket list of places to visit.

And of course, I’m often reminded of the positive immaturity reflected off of this site in articles like this.

I read that, and laughed at every picture.

But it didn’t stop with a mere laugh at the end, it ended with me thinking about how much of creativity and thinking out of the box skills are within our crowd. So much of ingenuity, so much of originality, so much of individuality.

So many unique identities.

That’s the best part about Tumblr.

All these people get on to one forum to share pictures of what they think defines them. You learn, you pick things up, you discover.

And frame your own little identity in this virtual world.

The site seems superfluous, but it’s really not.

Deep within, there lies an abstract world.


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