One Word At A Time

Somewhere in America. 

Three words.

I watched this video about two days ago and saying that I watched it about 20 times since then would be an understatement.

Three words.

So powerful.

It’s amazing really, how powerful these words are. I ended up listening to several other spoken poetry videos, and I was stunned by their perfect capability to mix the right batter of sarcasm, written word, inspiration and sass to their messages.

Young, fresh and intense – the power of their words is symbolic to the power of our youth today.

We live in an age of change; for the better or worse, that lies in our hands.

And while people say, awareness isn’t just about spreading word, its about taking action.

The first step starts right here.

Using your voice as the most powerful tool, to inspire people to make change; its called passive action.

And sometimes, all it takes is three words.


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