Who Am I?

When someone asks me what my final destination is, or when colleges ask me what my greatest goal is, I always answer with the same answer: finding my purpose. Where I truly belong, where I truly stand and where I truly find my place, is what I want to discover, one fine day, after several adventures to discovery.

But every time I give this definition of “finding my purpose”, there’s always that ambiguity and abstractness involved, to which people may perceive what I’m trying to intend differently.

I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed a while ago, to see this picture and instantaneously smile for it perfectly gives my equivocal goal of finding my purpose, a beautiful defined representation.

Finding My Purpose

That center, where my passion, mission , profession and vocation meet, is what I want to keep searching for.

The mystery is whether I find it or not one day, but until then, I’m going to stay on this pursuit to discover who I really am.


¿Puedo omitir por favor?

What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?

This is probably one of the most hardest questions asking on PostADay till date, because I’m the sort who loves trying out all kinds of experiences to find out where my place truly belongs. A girl who loves eating the speciality of my state, spicy pachadi, I still love eating the rather, bland Tamilian curries when I travel south. A girl who’s comfort zone is set in the sands of California and the slow paced life, one of my dreams is living in the upbeat NYC for an year or two. A girl who used to be a strong introvert once upon a time, I used to break out of my shell several times to perform on stage, to grow into who I am today.

My bucket list runs off pages, to scroll for miles and miles. But hey, everyone has their limits to moral conscience, limits to where your craziness can hold its peak at and limits to your adventures. And so, here’s my anti-bucket list:

1. Respecting the Kardashians

2. Getting a face tattoo, or a big tattoo in that manner. I don’t know, call it a phobia or a turn off, but I wouldn’t really admire the whole “permanently, designed scar” on my body or my soulmate either.

3. Making out with a stranger – Although a modern teenager, I genuinely never understood the concept, and I truly don’t think it’s “cute” or “adventurous” in any way. I think the art of love is a mystery and so full of emotion, I really don’t see myself allowing my hormones to take over in any situation whatsoever, any time now, soon or in the future.

4. Putting olives in my subway sandwich.

5. Getting a tongue piercing – Ouch, just the thought of it gives me tinglies across my body.

6. Doing anything “morally wrong” and not telling my parents later – My Dad and I have a very strong promise of trust, and never do I plan on breaking this tie ever. Even in times when I have made a “mistake”, I make sure Dad knows, because this mutual trust is what keeps me going and to have a relationship as such with so much freedom, is not something I’m going to compromise on.

7. Eat any other form of meat, other than chicken/fish/shrimp.

8. Not do something because he/she doesn’t want me to.

9. Not do something because I’m afraid.

10. Say “I love you” when I don’t really mean it.