Birthday Weekend!

Living in India, and that too living in a city like Hyderabad, it’s not often we hear about international artists coming to perform in our city. But it had to be the weekend of my birthday that an EDM artist is coming to town.

That’s right, Afrojack along with Gregor Salto and Apster, will be performing on the 22nd in my city. And boy am I psyched, not just because it’s the my night of my birthday eve but because, it’s my first concert ever.

I’m not really a big fan of house music or EDM style, but it isn’t just about the kind of music playing; it’s about slipping away from reality. It’s about the people you’re with. It’s that different environment in the middle of your known city. It’s about first experiences and adding them to your new ones.

Apart from which, it’s my seventeenth this Sunday and I’m excited. After the concert, two of my best friends are coming over for a sleepover. The day of the birthday, probably lunch or a movie with them and another one or two friends. That’s all – a simple and adorable little birthday.

I’ve always loved birthdays though – they give you those select days where you’re showered with pieces of love people accidentally forget to show on normal days. It’s not because I like the attention (I actually really don’t, to be honest), it’s about feeling loved, feeling special and feeling as though you really mean so much to people.

Turning 17 and going to my first concert.

Feeling excited is an understatement.


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