Paper Cuts and Lemon Juice

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

A boy I met last year, who’s now one of my best friends.

We’re different in every way that seems to come; our passions, our beliefs, our interests, our dreams and even our, senses of fashion.

It’s Senior Year and college is a part of daily conversation. When I talk to him, my mind is set in a different stratum: I think more negative, too practical and develop a new outlook.

When we began to slowly move into debate of a perspective, he doesn’t listen; he’s too adamant to change his position of thought or his stance and displays just that. While I’m similar to his stubborn nature, I tend to come to a compromised consensus, either reluctantly or upon consideration.

When we argue about something really trivial, I tend to hold on, overthinking about what might have only been a slip of his tongue. While I’m scrolling through my Tumblr feed in irascibility, he skips across the classroom and asks me if he should get a haircut. I overthink; he lets go.

Our passions are aligned in different universes. I’m a writer; he’s a basketball player.

But we’re not strangers or nemeses.

We’re best friends.

He’s probably someone I spend most of my time with in this entire world. But these differences don’t set us apart. If he was my twin, chances are, we probably wouldn’t be as close as we are today. We’re different personalities; learning something new everyday.

And while he’s as different from me as one could be, we’re sort of similar too. Our senses of humor, our ingrained values and our ideas of fun; they’re identical.

But focusing on these differences; they are only a taste of the variances we’re going to find in the real world.

These differences show us different identities and morph traits into our personality. It’s not even negative most of the times; he spreads his blasé composure while my charisma to be free may spread to him.

Like socks and flip-flops; we appear to not get along.

But we make it work.


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