Hidden Wreck

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.

To any stranger or even a friend, perhaps, who would walk into my forever dim-setted room, they would see it to be piece-perfect; my work corner, my bulletin board with all the reminders stuck on it, the Nicholas Sparks books stacked to the side of the night stand – it seems pretty organized, alright.

But things are different from what they seem. *cue evil, background music*

Pop upon the door to my wardrobe, to see clothes that just came back from the iron stack thrown around. Pull out the drawer on the main desk, to see several papers ranging from outdated newspaper articles to my math homework due tomorrow. Beware of opening that door to the shelf, unless you’re prepared to face a falling avalanche of books onto you.

No one would ever happen to know at first sight (other than my parents who are their own versions of Danny Tanner from Full House, of course!); things appear drop dead neat.

My laptop, on the other hand, is always organized at all times; sticky notes to the top left, the folders lined up to the right and the default dock set to the bottom, all set to the happy backdrop of a collage of selfies and happy moments.

To the plain eyes, this question would be a tough one to ever answer. But through the radar vision, what’s messier right now is most definitely my room, hands down.


Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?

It’s midnight now, and I’m finishing up that essay our English teacher decided to hurdle us down with. I sigh as the clock ticks, and the bird cuckoos thirteen times.

Wait, let’s retrace a step for a second.


I blink and I’m confused. I pause and end up staring at the clock for the next half an hour, when the clock strikes 1. I’m utterly confused and I told myself I was hallucinating.

The next day, in Economics class, I find my heart beating faster and I keep looking at the clock once the 12th hour is coming to an end. And apparently, I wasn’t hallucinating. My Econ teacher paused class, with the entire class wondering and causing a commotion of how that 13th number had appeared on the clock. 30 minutes passed by once again, when the clock struck 1.

I come home to find television broadcasts and radio shows all chanting the same revelation. Was this really happening? Were we really granted…an extra hour?

The buzz continues for that week and the next and the next.

Until it’s become a customary part of life, to watch that 13th hour sway around for half an hour in the noon and the midnight.

School still ran the regular number of hours, we just came home 30 minutes earlier. So all in all, we had an hour of additional time at home.

But I’m constantly appalled, and excited by the happening.

This had to be a message sent by god. There had to be a reason, a purpose.

Upon rounds of depth talk to myself, I went home one day and took out my notebook. I tore out a sheet and put out a column, titled, What could fill the purpose?

Because what did I really have to do to serve that message sent from him above?

a) Cue the advantage to more sleep

b) Take the time to use this granted time for leisure; watch that XFactor audition round today or listen to some blues

c) Spend some time with the family; you’ve been so caught up with the journey to college, make way for what really matters when it would all crash down

d) Read, you’ve been missing out on the fantasy world for a while now.

I smile, and I’m happy.

I close my book and decide this was exactly what I was going to do for the rest of the added hours.


Because I am absolutely sure that this was what God wanted us to make out of it.

He wanted to let us know that having goals was important; it was necessary for growth. It’s important to keep working hard, be away from seeming distractions and cosas que hace perder su tiempo. It’s natural to sweat and to get paranoid, pushing yourself away from people like family.

But what we’re missing out on is the fact that when times begin to get really hard, when emotion begins to conflict with reason, when failures begin to hit in the path; when college ends, when you get a job, when you reach your goals…what next? Who are you going to be as a person?

Who you always were; a happy version of you. It’s important not to let go of that. Pre-college isn’t the hardest of times; make time for adventures, exploration and leisure; you’re still a kid.

And who’s going to be standing there when you’re all done?

The people who were always standing there with you.

Your family. All you can do to give them back is give them some of your love, some of your time.

This had to be the purpose. This had to be the message.

I found it and I was going to stick to it.

Now yes, this was a hypothetical situation. But what I said to the end, was completely out of heart and something that I feel we should all remind ourselves time to time. Get off your Instagram or scrolling through that newsfeed for a bit, and use the same time to spend time with your family; throw yourself away from the television and read a book while listening to some music.

True Happiness isn’t going to be based on either likes on a picture, or not necessarily what college you end up at or what happened to Spencer Hastings in the show; it’s more subjective.

True Happiness is more deep and more felt.

You don’t need a thirteenth hour, you just need to keep what really matters to you close to your mind.

Reliving Naiveté

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

Hands down, a blast back into the past.

When I look back at those naïve memories stored in pictures of my childhood, I never not end up with a huge smile on my face. No matter how many times I look back at them, I feel the same nostalgia; a longing to go back to when it all started to a time of purity and beginnings. It’s not because I’m not happy with where I ended up today, because I’m absolutely grateful and proud. But more about, wishing to move into that innocent universe, where happiness is truly what all mattered.

Because even at this age, and older, people say happiness is truly all you need. But that doesn’t seem like its true in this seemingly grownup world. Money, status, materialistic items, demeanor, reputation, greed to grow, necessity to belong; all seem to matter as much. And while that’s how life is meant to go, I miss the old times.

The times when stealing cookies out of the cookie jar seemed like the biggest accomplishment.

The times when walking along the shore with your Mom was an everyday occurrence, not a brisk one on her birthday.

The times when hatred, jealousy or animosity for anyone or any circumstance was not a part of your dictionary.

It’s irony actually; the fact that I remember these times the least, yet they’re my favorite.

And that’s exactly why I’d love to relive them once again.