Medical Camp!

72af2-107It was a bright, sunny morning on August 2 when the IBDP XII students of Oakridge International School, Newton Campus set off to set up their annual medical camp. With excitement and apprehension in the air, the students ran around, dividing themselves into groups to carry out a variety of charges and tasks. Tents were to be set up, doctors were to be assembled, medical equipment and medicine were to be gathered, by the time the people of the village would come to the venue.

Proactive in their mission to serve the society and give back to the community, the students welcomed the members of the locality with warm hospitalities and interacted with them to identify what medical issues or problems each of them had. Doctors ranging from ophthalmologists to dentists aided the students in carrying out their project. Upon contact and assessment of the doctors, medicines were voluntarily handed out to the patients.

Mounika Yepuri, one of the contributors to the camp, says, “It was a wonderful opportunity to have a hands-on experience and be able to apply our textbook knowledge into the circumstances of the real world, challenging us to think differently.” Thaman Chilukuri, another partaker in the initiative, says, “It was a fantastic experience. Apart from being able to now find out the medical issues arising in my own community, I was able to be part of an initiative that helped me rise from being an individual to be a part of something bigger”

The annual medical camp has, once again, helped provide the students with an opportunity to serve a greater purpose. With ideas, prospects and projects orchestrated by enterprising students all over the city as such, Hyderabad is awaiting a surge of young leaders in the near future.


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