New Beginnings

Right now, I’m sitting in a plane to San Francisco.

In just about a few hours (six hours and twenty one minutes, to be precise), I’ll be landing in the sand of California.


So here’s the thing. I was pretty pumped up and excited about travelling and going to summer school till about 3 days ago. One day, I randomly wake up to check my mental calendar to process the fact that I was going to leave in about 2 days. That’s when the sinking feeling in my stomach started and wouldn’t seem to let go. Honestly, if someone could cancel my airfare price and reimburse my JSA money as well, I would spend one of my three wishes doing so. It may seem like only a month, and it’s been only just about a few hours since I last conversed with my friends and family, but it seems like its been an year already. I never really understood why college was considered so meh. Granted the fact that I understood there was an obvious phenomenon named homesickness, but never did I realize how deep its roots were in tact and how strong this whole feeling was. I really don’t want to go, at all.


I’m only one fourth of a day away to reaching my destination, and I feel like getting into the pilot’s seat and turning the whole plane around. Had I known how hard this was going to be for my first time, I would have never even opened a single link of a probable summer school.


If one month of summer school has such a grandiose effect on me, I cannot possibly even think of imagining how I would be able to tackle four years of college.


But although, that huge excited part of my heart and adrenal gland now occupies only a tiny portion tucked somewhere in my heart, there are things to look forward to.


By the time I reach SFO, Kavya vadhina will be waiting for me. I’ll be staying with her for a whole week and this is the one-week of vacation I have before going to summer school. And I plan to make the most of it. Shop, finish up homework, bond with my cousins, Skype with my losers back at home, eat out, prep up for JSA, do fun stuff and cycle on repeat for a week. Cross my fingers and hope this productive hope will turn to be the absolute reality.


After that one-week, summer school starts and I’m pretty exuberant and intimidated by it. My dad told me repeatedly the other day that it wasn’t about the learning, but more about the experience. The kids seemed to be a lot bigger than I and seemed all too daunting, honestly. But this might just help me prep up at a much smaller scale for college itself. So three weeks of hopefully a memorable time of summer school and then back home. Summer school’s going to be both hardworking and requiring a lot of commitment, for I’m also simultaneously missing three weeks of school. Something I need to catch up on bit by bit through my friends while I’m in America as well.


I’m going to miss home tons and tons though. But thanks to the advent of our technology, it shouldn’t be too different communication on a virtual realm also.


I’m trying to convince myself that it’ll turn out to be a great summer.

I suppose, what ever happens, happens.


Cheers to new experiences.