Nik J

Nik J, we date back to around 5 years ago. When we were those immature kids in 6th grade, who lived in pretty much oblivion and innocence. I remember when me and Alekhya used to follow you all the way to the music class; it was our tradition. Remember that other time when I thought you called me sweetie but you were just reading the back of the biscuit pack? And I’m not sure if you know, but you were my first guy best friend. Like first ever.

And then we drifted for a while. More like 4 years?


It was the start of summer break of 2013, when we started messaging again because both of us were going to IB. I remember, I used to read my message about 3 times before sending it to you, because I thought you were some oh-so-very intellectual guy and I wanted you to have an “intellectual” opinion about me. So :P But yeah, we began to talk. It started with our hard-core projects to just about school and then just about life. 

And then came along the first days of school. Our friendship literally gained such momentum those few days. Because we suddenly started talking, people thought we were a thing back then, remember? It’s all such a joke now, because you’re like that elder brother I’ve never had. Jk, you’re younger to me, but honestly, your maturity and your vision of the world is so much greater than anybody I’ve ever seen. And I respect you so much for that.

Yeah, so over the first few months, we would talk and talk and talk. And then came a point, I could trust you with anything. And I know for a fact, that you do too. Atleast I hope so lolol. And to know that Nikhil Sankhla Jain, trusts me, is honestly an achievement of its own.


And today, we stand, through our track of friendship, as best friends. You’re, hands down, one of my bestest friends ever. Ever ever ever. I love you so much and I trust you with all my life to infinity and beyond.


You know what I really love about you Nikhil? Everything. The way you make people smile. The way you give people hope. The way you inspire, by doing just what you love. The way you carry yourself. The way you articulate your thoughts and stitch them into perfect words. The way you don’t “ostracize” or discriminate and make everyone feel as equals. The way every single thing you do inspires and stimulates people to be like you.

This year, there’ve been so many ups and downs for me. I’ve ranted out to you pretty much every single time and I really love you for standing with me throughout. And those highs? You’ve been there for me during my bestest times as well. This year, when I look back, you’re in so many of my memories. And there’s absolutely nothing I’d do to take any of them back.


On my birthday, you’ve compared me to a pistachio. The best analogy I’ve ever been exposed to.


And Nikhil Jain, you, you are a shooting star. You rise above horizons and places out of reach. People look up at you, and are astounded with the way you soar. You’re an inspiration, and you’re going to grow so big to carry with you so many dreams of so many people.


You’re a shooting star Nik J, you really are.


Words can’t express how much you mean to me. You’re someone I need to know for the rest of my life. Literally, I want to see us in our walking sticks, stalking people on Facebook or having one of our emotional talks by the beach.

But as of now, we’re here.

And today, I just want to let you know that I’m so proud of you and I’m so grateful to have you. 

Stay the same forever and spread that ray of happiness like no one in this world will ever can.


Happy birthday to my best friend <3