Right > Sin

Something that has been deemed ever so controversial.

Something that is an identity to one and a taboo to even consider to another.

Something that is considered a feeling and yet, as sin.

If you haven’t guessed already, it is that of the very legalization of the section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.


Chapter 16, section 377 of the Indian Penal Code dates back to 1861, which criminalizes activities against the order of nature, including homosexual acts.


Now this act basically also states that anyone who indulges into the same-sex sexual activities will be imprisoned for up to 10 years and also be fined.

Now, opinions may differ however ours is that of the majority of the people and not of the government. The side that supports the LGBT.


Now, the society is compromised of different kinds of people. who have their own perspectives. Yes, indeed. However, with so many reports out there and so many cases, it has come to the public view that homosexuality is indeed a part of a natural being. It is not a choice. It is not a virtue that can be changed in an individual by force.


Different countries have taken several steps against their own sections that deem homosexuality as a criminal offence. However, while we think that we are moving steps forward in terms of human rights, support and having an open mind, with the legalization of section 377, India has taken a huge leap behind.


Our society is so narrowminded for some famous people to even come out and say the most blunt statements ever to be presented.


Back in 2008, the additional solicitor General, whose opinion is shared by the Home Ministry said, quote in quote,

Homosexuality is a social vice and the state has the power to contain it. Decriminalising homosexuality may create breach of peace. If it is allowed then the evil of AIDS and HIV would further spread and harm the people. It would lead to a big health hazard and degrade moral values of society.


So basically, he says that homosexuality is the cause of AIDS. Now we can all very well agree on that, I suppose. Please note the sarcasm intended.


And oh, just recently, in December of 2013, Baba Ramdev. The all famous Baba Ramdev, who is followed by millions of Indians, said in public few of the most blunt words ever to be heard. So since the Congress was supporting gay rights, he said that he now thinks that most of the Congress leaders appear to be “gays”.


Yes, so this yoga guru from Haridwar basically said that it seemd that most of the Congress leaders were gay.


He also considers homosexuality as a disease and says it can be cured by yoga.


One word? Wow.


Maulana Madni, another man of a political party stated in again, word to word, “Homosexuality is a crime according to scriptures and is unnatural. People cannot consider themselves to be exclusive of a society… In a society, a family is made up of a man and a woman, not a woman and a woman, or a man and a man. If these same sex couples adopt children, the child will grow up with a skewed version of a family. Society will disintegrate. If we are to look at countries in the West who have allowed same-sex marriages, you will find the mental tensions they suffer from”


Now, we hear all of this right? Statements that completely disregard homosexuality. Statements that criminalize it and statements that view it as unnatural and disgusting.


Now, homosexuality has been said that it is something that is not a choice. This is not just a statement coined by homosexuals but by certified doctors. As the Aam Aadmi Party very perfectly put in words, With Section 377, those who are born with or choose a different sexual orientation would thus be placed at the mercy of the police. This not only violates the human rights of such individuals, but goes against the liberal values of our Constitution, and the spirit of our times.


So since December 11 2013, people have been protesting.

Fighting for their rights.

Fighting for the victims.


They say democracy is the voice of the people.

People all over the nation are against this section.

This legalization has affected the lives of thousands of homosexuals out there.

Even the deprivation of the rights to one is against the principles of a democracy.

With this measure, we have went back in time, back to our orthodox society.


Homosexuality is natural, not a choice.


Gender discrimination, be it female or male or LGBT, will always exist in one form or another. It is about how we diminish these uprising conflicts and biases to make this world a better place for one and for all.


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