Rolling Dice, Rolling College

What is the very implication of standardized tests, I will never be able to comprehend. If it is to test how our intelligence, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of school? If it is to test our general aptitude, how come we end up studying for something that should test our “natural intelligence” for months put together?


Yeah, it’s the SAT season and pretty much most of the juniors all over the globe are fretting, doing last minute butt loads of practice and dreading the day to come in the next 14 days.


The importance of this test cannot be humbly put in simple words. My future is in the hands of a test that I’m going to be taking in the next two weeks. And am I prepared?


Absolutely not.


So I have been repeatedly informed about the necessity of studying for this test two years prior to today, but with those naturally inflicted hormones of an average high school student, I ended up neglecting the significance of long-term practice. And now, I suffer the consequences.


My expectations for college seemed to start at a summit, and began to slide down as time passed by. From Yale to Stanford to Berkeley. And now, analyzing my mock SAT scores, I can very soundly predict that it will drop down yet once again.


And that’s what worries me. The fact that I’m not reaching up to my optimum capacity. I know I can do more; what’s stopping me, I really do not know.


But you know what?

This may have begun and continued on a very gloomy, demeaning line, but I’m about to change that.


I have 14 days left.

336 hours.

20160 minutes.


With the right determination, focus and prioritization, I’m going to take down the SAT. I’m going to raise my standards and demolish what people or my scores have undermined for me. I’m going to do all I can to do what I can.


And in the end, it will all be worth it.