Read in 2028

Dear Future Summer,
If this is the year of 2028, you’re probably 30 years old now…
Well, just to remind you of how you used to be 15 years ago…lets just say, you were an average teenage girl. One with her own problems, wishes, desires and dreams to reach beyond.
You loved writing whenever you felt like it, reading those cheesy love stories that make you believe every story can have a happy ending, watching American TV shows that seem to have more drama than you’d find in any realm of reality, playing the piano those times when the heart desired and while that all persisted, having that cloud of pressure to be perfect.
Just like every other teenager out there with a vision or a dream, you had that cloud hovering over you at all times to do the best your capacity can handle, or even, push yourself harder to times you may stumble. It was hard; and it was getting harder juggling things with an aim of perfection as the years progressed. But it was all part of the game of life if you wanted to strive to your dream.
All you wanted, more than anything in this world, was to see your parents have that smile plastered on their face forever, when you’ve become successful.
Getting into an university you and your dad dreamed of was your first goal, 15 years ago.
I don’t know where you are right now, but if I went on the path that I thought I planned out 15 years ago, lets just say you’ve graduated from a notable university, got your degree, had some good work experience, starting to or started an idea of your own to stand out there as an individual.
Remember your motto?
Be that somebody, not just an anybody or even worse, a nobody.
Well hopefully, you’ve followed it.
– You, 15 years ago.
  April 2013

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