1. a profoundly, tender, passionate affection for another person2. a feeling of warm personal attachment of deep affection

And that is how the dictionary defines love ; simple.
The way I deem love is intricate and complex – something that can’t be defined, but felt.
Love is what drives the world today. It’s that one emotion that has had everybody under its robe. It’s what millions of people around the globe spend thinking about, worrying about and spreading about. It’s one of the things that make that smile last, just reminiscing about a few moments or the journey itself.
Love is multifarious and composite, stationing at different forms. Each form is one of its kind – expressed differently, shown differently. But they all stand on the same base and the basic principle of give and take – the code of love.
The mother-daughter bond is probably one of the most strongest forms of love ever to be expressed. From the moment you enter the world till death and beyond, a mother will give love and continue to show it through thick and thin. Even the times when the daughter is completely incorrigible or out of hand, a mother will never leave the grip of her daughters hold. When the time of marriage strikes, she might let go of one hand, but the other one? It’ll stay with her forever perpetually.
The six letter word that means so much and something that most people are very fortunate to have is family. Family are those people who understand your true individuality and accept you for who you are, with a few compromises or suggested changes made here and there, for your benefit. They’re whom you’ve lived with, throughout the time you’ve metamorphed into a mature individual. There may be times you’ve done things for your family willingly or not, but either way, it’s necessary to keep this love everlasting, for the true meaning and connotation of your life.
The different people we spend almost our entire span of life with is whom we relate with to friendship. Friendship is important and plays a major part in all of our lives. They’re the people who influence us, good and bad. The people who stand with you from now to forever. The people whom you love and be loved by, standing as an extended family.
And then, of course, the love of the lovers. When time comes, every girl will have their Prince Charming. Somebody who cares for them and loves them deeper than anyone else. Someone who would kiss them goodnight and hug you through the hard times. I haven’t been in love so I wouldn’t know how it feels like. But from what I’ve heard, its a great feeling. Something that can’t be shared, but felt within. When done right, it’s possibly the most strongest feeling ever felt. It’s what makes one’s life complete.
Believe it or not, love is everywhere. You look down the street and pin around any stranger. And no matter what kind of a person he is, he is bound to love and be loved because love is just that. It’s an inevitable feeling that shapes ones life.
It may be infatuation, it may be friendship; but it’s still a feeling.
very strong feeling.
A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and a person cannot live without love.
And this is completely true.

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