Sandy Hook Tragedy

So maybe, the foretold apocalypse that predicted the end of life hadn’t transpired this year; but from the shattering and devastating incidents that have been taking place around the world, it is evidently discernible that the ideals of humanity and morality largely do not subsist anymore.


While praying deep condolences to the beautiful souls of all those who had been shot in the Sandy Hook incident, the entire episode disturbs me and leaves me thinking to multiple questions– Why them? What did the poor children ever do to deserve such a demoralizing end? Why did fate pick those twenty pure souls who hadn’t even seen a bare tenth of what life is?


Some say its written, some say it’s the consequence of the sins you’ve made your previous life, others say its karma.

Karma is like a boomerang that defines your destiny. You do good, and you get equivalently the bad you deserve.

I used to be a believer of karma until I started to wonder.


How did karma decide to take the lives of these children? Why would it lead to these innocent souls to death? Is Karma the real key to the question?

The answer to that? I really don’t know. It’s like a missing piece to a puzzle. It disturbs me to think about the children who had passed away or the teachers who had died protecting their children. The gang rape in Delhi and the slashing of the children in the Shenpeng Village…two more occurrences have taken place the same week of the Sandy Hook tragedy.


The world is such a cruel place. While we think we’re developing into a stronger realm, speaking in terms of mortality, the times we’re living in today have never been worse. Humanity has been fading. Safety is a word desired by people. Society has been trashed. Civilization has been destructed.

Is this really what we’ve turned our world into?

A world where lives are taken as though it’s a simple task?

A world where words like charity and altruism have been replaced with words like vindictive and vicious?

A world where you cannot walk without the fear or thought of a catastrophe?

A world where anybody can do whatever they want and face far less consequences than what they deserve?


If this is really what we made the world we’re living in into, honestly, I’d rather face an apocalypse.


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