Being Productive

So you know what my dad did?
He banned me from Facebook for 15 days.

Haha, so here I was, on a good Sunday day, without Facebook (:
But guess what?
I’m not really complaining.

Because I realized, not being on Facebook lets you be productive.
For the first time in days, I didnt log on to Facebook even for a minute.
And I could clearly see myself doing far more useful things then I would’ve yesterday.

I did some actual SAT work.
Wrote a few essays.
Made a list of things to blog about.
Started to Wattpad again.
Wrote another chapter in both my stories.
Started my semester prep for exams.
Bonded with my brother after a long time. We didnt fight even once (:

And now, my friend Karen is going to come over, and we’re gonna do some Guitar/Piano practice for our New Years performance.
That’s right. We’re going to be both singing and playing the instruments.

And then after that, I’ll take Niksters for a walk and bicycle ride or something.

Come back home and write again (:

But then thing is.
Theres that good side to Facebook you know?
And thats the part I actually really like.
There’s so many people to talk to! It’s like you’re being dropped in a coffee shop full of people from your school and away. And you can talk to whoever you want…as many people as you want. Okay, bad example. But basically, thing is, its the perfect place to go to during a prime time if you need/want people to talk to.

So what I’ll do is ask my dad if I can log on for half an hour today, because well its a Sunday -_-
And also, I did everything I wanted to do or needed to do.

And what I’ll do from tomorrow, that is, if my dad gives me permission to, I’ll make a list of goals I want to do every day in the morning. And I’ll only log on when I finish doing those goals.
Be it, a big list or a small list.
But everyday needs to be productive.
Or else, that’d just be one heck waste of a life :)


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