Sandy Hook Tragedy

So maybe, the foretold apocalypse that predicted the end of life hadn’t transpired this year; but from the shattering and devastating incidents that have been taking place around the world, it is evidently discernible that the ideals of humanity and morality largely do not subsist anymore.


While praying deep condolences to the beautiful souls of all those who had been shot in the Sandy Hook incident, the entire episode disturbs me and leaves me thinking to multiple questions– Why them? What did the poor children ever do to deserve such a demoralizing end? Why did fate pick those twenty pure souls who hadn’t even seen a bare tenth of what life is?


Some say its written, some say it’s the consequence of the sins you’ve made your previous life, others say its karma.

Karma is like a boomerang that defines your destiny. You do good, and you get equivalently the bad you deserve.

I used to be a believer of karma until I started to wonder.


How did karma decide to take the lives of these children? Why would it lead to these innocent souls to death? Is Karma the real key to the question?

The answer to that? I really don’t know. It’s like a missing piece to a puzzle. It disturbs me to think about the children who had passed away or the teachers who had died protecting their children. The gang rape in Delhi and the slashing of the children in the Shenpeng Village…two more occurrences have taken place the same week of the Sandy Hook tragedy.


The world is such a cruel place. While we think we’re developing into a stronger realm, speaking in terms of mortality, the times we’re living in today have never been worse. Humanity has been fading. Safety is a word desired by people. Society has been trashed. Civilization has been destructed.

Is this really what we’ve turned our world into?

A world where lives are taken as though it’s a simple task?

A world where words like charity and altruism have been replaced with words like vindictive and vicious?

A world where you cannot walk without the fear or thought of a catastrophe?

A world where anybody can do whatever they want and face far less consequences than what they deserve?


If this is really what we made the world we’re living in into, honestly, I’d rather face an apocalypse.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

So I’ve read this poem called The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coderidge (split into two halves), and its a pretty good one alright.
But there are just a couple of things that I don’t understand.
Why in the world does the Mariner even stop the wedding guest to tell his story?
Why does the weather fluctuate around a million times across just a few stanzas?
Is the ship cursed because he killed the Albatross? -_-
Did the sailors die and start to torment the Mariner?
Or did the Mariner die as well?
But if he died, then how did he stop the wedding guest and recite this story?
But if he didnt die, how did they hang him with an Albatross around his neck?
And when did they pick up the Albatross?!

The poem leaves so many questions unanswered.
And now I’m just confused.

It’s a beautiful poem alright, and you’ve gotta read it(:

Okay, so I’m typing this out 15 minutes later from when I actually posted this post.
So I googled this up cause I was curious.
And it turns out that there are 7 parts to this poem -_-
The book I was reading it from attached only 2 parts of the poem to it, so obviously, I had questions unanswered.
Okay, I’m going to go finish the poem off now (:
And if you’re interested, here’s a link to the seven part poem.

Lesson learnt : Google it before blogging it.

Being Productive

So you know what my dad did?
He banned me from Facebook for 15 days.

Haha, so here I was, on a good Sunday day, without Facebook (:
But guess what?
I’m not really complaining.

Because I realized, not being on Facebook lets you be productive.
For the first time in days, I didnt log on to Facebook even for a minute.
And I could clearly see myself doing far more useful things then I would’ve yesterday.

I did some actual SAT work.
Wrote a few essays.
Made a list of things to blog about.
Started to Wattpad again.
Wrote another chapter in both my stories.
Started my semester prep for exams.
Bonded with my brother after a long time. We didnt fight even once (:

And now, my friend Karen is going to come over, and we’re gonna do some Guitar/Piano practice for our New Years performance.
That’s right. We’re going to be both singing and playing the instruments.

And then after that, I’ll take Niksters for a walk and bicycle ride or something.

Come back home and write again (:

But then thing is.
Theres that good side to Facebook you know?
And thats the part I actually really like.
There’s so many people to talk to! It’s like you’re being dropped in a coffee shop full of people from your school and away. And you can talk to whoever you want…as many people as you want. Okay, bad example. But basically, thing is, its the perfect place to go to during a prime time if you need/want people to talk to.

So what I’ll do is ask my dad if I can log on for half an hour today, because well its a Sunday -_-
And also, I did everything I wanted to do or needed to do.

And what I’ll do from tomorrow, that is, if my dad gives me permission to, I’ll make a list of goals I want to do every day in the morning. And I’ll only log on when I finish doing those goals.
Be it, a big list or a small list.
But everyday needs to be productive.
Or else, that’d just be one heck waste of a life :)