The Weekend Checklist

1. Finish off all the homework :\

2. Study for the Math Test
3. Complete the dance in Forever and upload on Wattpad
4. Complete a chapter of The List
5. Group chat on Facebook (:
6. Finish off Teen Wolf Season One – Seven episodes to go!
7. Start watching Vampire Diaries 
8. Learn a Yiruma piece on the piano
9. Take Nicky on long walks, take her to the vet and give her a shower
10. Play shuttle! It’s been ages…
12. Spend some quality time with family 
14. Make my brother cook some pizza. He makes the most delicious pizza ever!
15. Make Daddy drive us to an Italian restaurant on Sunday for lunch or something. Hehe.
16. Play Monopoly
I think I’m done :)
How’s your weekend planned out?

What’s Waiting In October: Part Two

October has got to be one of my favorite months ever, almost every year.

It’s the month where the weather is just piece perfect.
The first month after exams.
The month where we usually have no serious homework or assignments due.
1. The Jonas Brothers’ Next Album! I CAN’T WAITTTT. It’s been absolutely so long since they made music together! And the album is finally going to be out in a couple of more days! #excitementoverload.
2. Taylor Swift’s RED. It’s going to be amazing! I haven’t mentioned it, have I? But…over these few days of my absence from the Blogging World…I’VE BECOME A SWIFTIEEEE. Yes, that’s right. I love T.Swift now… as a matter of fact, I’ve always liked her. But I’m actually a BIG fan now :) And her new album? I’m pretty sure it’s going to be massively insanely amazing! Ronan made my heart break and We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together made it flip! I can’t wait for this album!
3. AKDSFJAKLDSJFAKLDSJFKLASD. THE MARK OF ATHENA. *jaw drop* IT’S ACTUALLY OUT. IT’S FINALLY OUT! OH MY LORD. ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT! I want to read it so bad, from all the amazing reviews! But in the area where I live, it’s all sold out and out of stock. It’s going to be back in stock in a week or two. Till then, I CAN’T WAIT.
4. October 19th. What day is it? THE DAY OF CAMP YO. THAZZ RIGHT. I’m going on a four day trip with all my friends! It’s probably going to be our last trip together, because all of us are shifting schools after this year :( So it’s going to be a crazy one, with tons of pictures, amazing times and memories to last.
5. So after this camp thing…I’m going over to my gramma’s…with my best friend Alicia! That’s right! Two great things happening at once! I can’t wait! It’ll be amazing :)
6.HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. Halloween is like a time when you go back to being that little kid you always were…it brings back all those memories. When I was two, I was a teletubbie. When I was five, I was a princess. When I was eight, I was a princess again :) When I was twelve, I was the grim reaper. When I was thirteen, I was Khione. And now, I’m fourteen. I don’t know what I’m going to be…let’s just see. And oh, the years in the middle? I forgot…hehe. I’ll look into my pictures and make another post JUST about Halloween :)
7. October means closer to November. November means MY BIRTHDAY. IMMA BE 15 Y’ALL. ADFADSKFASKLDFJAKLDF. FIFTEEN. FIFTEEN. FIFTEEN. That’s a crazy big number. WOH MY GAWD. That’s like…huge. I’M GOING TO BE 15 #cantwait.
8. I was supposed to take my PSAT. But you know what I did? I paid for camp and then I realized that the dates clashed…hehe. So I’m not taking my PSAT this year. And you know what? I’m actually happy about it! So you could say…PSAT is NOT waiting in October :)
9. I have free time. This means that I can finally complete/move forth in my story! In ‘Forever’, I’m at the part of the dance. The most dramatic, turning point of the story. And in The List, I’m just done with the second chapter. Gotta get working this month!
10. AND OH OH OH. Blogging. I can’t wait to start blogging random posts like this, this month! Like mentioned, you’ll see a lot of me this month :)
11. Guess what? I stopped taking piano classes. Shocker? Yeah, after 6.5 years of playing the piano. But hey, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop playing. Piano is like part of my life. This month, I made a goal to finish learning a piece. I’m probably going to do a Yiruma piece or ‘A Little Bit Longer’. I’m excited!
And yeah.
I guess this is pretty much it.
Let’s just see how the rest of this month goes!
How’s your month planned out?