Student Council = Food?

You know how I’m in the student council now?
So well, we have this forum on Facebook for all of us, representatives.
We should be talking about school related issues and concerns and stuff, right?

Well, you know what we talk about instead?
Yeah. You could make out from the title.
We talk about…

We have meetings after school every Wednesday.
So from Sunday onwards, people start deciding who’s getting the snacks and what they’re getting. Haha (:
It’s actually pretty funny.

The conversation would be something like this:
A: lol don’t we got that meeting thingy tomorrow?
B: yeah. remember to get some snacks.
A: lolol. how many of us again?
B: a couple of us. just get something to eat.
B: haha yeah. it’s gonna be pretty looooong. so you better get some for all of us.
A: lol okay
B: dont forget
A: what do you want?
B: just food.
A: any kind?
B: yeah dude. just get food.
A: lol okay

Yeah. That’s what our totally awesome student council is doing for school.
I was talking to A about some speech for the school, the other day. And suddenly, he goes all like,
“lol yeahhh. wassupp? i’m bout to order papa johnssss :D”
And then we start talking about Papa Johns and how awesome it is.
Krispy Kreme owning Dunkin Donuts.
How I think Taco Bell sucks and how he’s in love with it.
How I think In&Out is my life and bagels are his.
And then, he had to go order pizza so he left.

Being a part of Student Council, we are the student leaders. 

But sometimes, maybe even leaders can’t help but delve into a sidetrack of what may seem not to be too concerning.