Challenge Summer #14: This prompt has been given to me by Swetha. Word/Page Limit: Not specified

Well there’s this Delegate Dance coming up this Friday.
And there’s a theme to it.
Yes, I’m pretty sure you may have guessed considering the title.
Indeed, it’s the theme of Superheroes.

It is actually pretty cool. Instead of wearing dresses and fancy things as usual, we get to be somebody else for a day! It’s like Halloween all over again!

But there’s a problem.
But it’s still a problem.

What superhero should I be?
I don’t want to be something common like Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man or any of the ‘mans’.
They wanted us to be innovative and I want to be different too.
So what should I be?

Swetha suggests me being Sparkly Girl or Batman or Chair Girl.

I think not either :)

I was thinking of going with the theme of ‘Ordinary Girl’.
Just dressing up casual, pairing on a shirt and jeans with nerd glasses under the theme,
“Anybody could be a superhero if they want to. All they need to do is believe that they are one. And there’s your magical power…”

So how do you like it?

Anyone have any ideas?
Crazy as it could be, post them in! I need more suggestions!


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