My Other Sister, Swetha

Challenge Summer #13 : This prompt has been given to me by Swetha. Of course, who would you expect? Word/Page Limit : There isn’t exactly a word/page limit. But she wants it to be more than a hundred sentences.

Swetha, when did I meet her? Back in the seventh grade, when we were put in the same class. We didn’t really know each other that well. Correction : We didn’t even know each other at all. Then came by eighth grade, which was when we started becoming pretty close. Towards the end of the year, we were crazy good friends. And then, freshman year. Now that. Was one heck of a year. It was amazing. We all became best friends and got weirder and weirder, thanks to Swetha and me :) And now, we’re sophomores and we’re closer than ever.

Swetha is probably the sweetest person I know. She’s really cute and crazy. The kind who’d make you laugh in the middle of a freaky science test. Or the kind who’d make you trip in front of the whole school. Yep, that’s her. She’s a carefree idiot, which is another thing I like about her. She doesn’t care about any assignment that’s due or a test the next day. She just does what she feels like, whenever she wants to. She’s like a giant big teddy bear, who you just feel like running into whenever you’re low or upset. She’s very weird, no doubt. But that’s what makes her a LOT like me. She’s super talkative, goes on blabbering even when she knows nobody is listening. She calls herself Padfoot and I guess she is the closest to Sirius as a person can be. If I know her well,  she’s getting her big head pretty darn inflated now. And that brings me to another thing, she LOVES compliments. She starts blushing tomato red when you compliment her. She’s really funny and cracks the stupidest jokes in town. She’s in love her voice and sings crazy loud in class at random times. Trust me, she’s very loud (:

Seriously speaking, Swetha’s like my other sister. If anything happens, I feel like running and going and telling her. She’s amazing. And trust me, I do not know what I’d do without her or how I haven’t known her all these years.

Even though I’ve known Swetha for about two years or so, she’s like my sister forever and always.

I love you Poopsie.


Challenge Summer #12 : This prompt has been given by Swetha and by me,partially. Thing is, I was going to write about it anyways but Swetha told me to before I could. Word/Page Limit : THANKFULLY, not specified.

A&D is this story on Wattpad written by fallenbabybubu and it’s amazing! You can find it here. And guess what? It’s inspired by You Belong With Me! It’s a beautiful story, about friendship and love.

It’s about two neighbors, Aaron and Dakota, who were childhood best buds since they were born. Dakota, a full on geek/nerd, falls for Aaron, her best friend and the school’s popular jock before she knows it. But Aaron dosen’t realize he loves her. Well he does, but in a friendly, brotherly way. But then, he figures he’s mistaken and actually loves her. When he does, problems arise and Dakota’s not in his reach. The rest of the story is about their misunderstandings, compromises and confessions.

AND GUESS WHAT AGAIN? Aaron Ford is played by THE Logan Lerman! And he’s PERFECT for the role. *hyperventilation strike* Dakota Evans is played by Selena Gomez, but surprisingly, it actually suits her.

There are a few fan-made trailers for this story. And my favorite is this one.

I love this story and I’m probably going to be obsessed with it for a couple o’ more days.

You’ve GOT to read it, if you’re one of those people who love You Belong With Meor these kind of mild romance stories. GAHH. I’m in love with this story.

Alicia Meadows

Challenge Summer #11 : This prompt has been given to me by Alicia Meadows, as you may have guessed. Word/Page Limit : 500 words or beyond. Originally she asked for 3000-30000, but I shrugged it off, if you know what I mean.

So where to start? It all started back in third grade. In the last semester actually. It was the second day of school after our winter break and my actual second day of school. Meaning, I was the new kid. My first thought when I saw her was, “Oh man. She’s tall”. ‘Cause trust me, she was. We became closer over the year and in the fourth grade, we were put in the same class as well. And I think that’s when we became best friends. There are gazillions of memories from then. Starting from, Rasper Inc. which was this ‘company’ my friends and I made where you make clay out of eraser dust. Yeah, we were weird. But hey, there’s nothing wrong about being a little weird.

And then came fifth grade, which was like hell. I got put in this other class and all my friends including Alicia were in another. It was horrible. I get shivers just thinking about it. Sixth grade was fun, there were tons of new friends we made. So that was cool. Seventh went by really weirdly. Thinking back, my best friends who I have right now were like my strangers back in that year. Eighth was amazing. It was when my actual…wait. Isn’t this post about Alicia and not my school years? Shoot.

Coming to Alicia, she’s a pretty cool girl. Well she’s actually just the opposite. Just kidding Ale. Yeah, that’s what we call her. She’s really sweet, quite weird, super talented, a total teacher’s pet, which can get quite a bit annoying :) She has an amazing voice and she writes songs too. Yup, she does. There’s this one I love called, ‘You’re The Reason’. She’s probably the most gentle person and sensitive person I’ve ever met. She’s kinda strange, but that’s just one of the things that make her my best friend.

Over the years, she’s grown to be more than my friend… she’s like my sister. I tell her everything and she does too. We travel together to places sometimes (did I tell you we went in an airplane all by OURSELVES?). We meet up at one of our houses atleast twice a week, without fail (kudos to piano class). We fight A LOT. Trust me, but it’s all minutes of bickering. We bicker for like 2 minutes, give each other the cold shoulder for a minute and then crack a joke and go back to normal. So it’s pretty cool between us most of the time.

This is our last year together, considering the fact that we’re going to part ways next year. After spending over 6 years with her, it’s going to be quite hard. But we’re going to stay best friends forever.