All About Me

Challenge Summer #10: The prompt, Write About Yourself has been given to me by Katherine. Word/Page Limit : Not specified, as usual.

Well, it’s all about me, huh? To start off,
1. I’m very cheerful but have a tiny bit of short temper. My short temper lasts for literally 10 seconds, but while it lasts, you don’t want to mess with me.
2. Ironically, I’m very sensitive.
3. I love singing and playing the piano at the same time.
4. I laugh like Niall Horan.
5. I have super straight hair.
6. Pretty Little Liars are part of my clique.
7. I think YouTube is the coolest website ever.
8. I love self-shopping.
9. I can never get tired buying gazillion pairs of clothes every time I go to the mall.
10. I love taking pictures, but not of myself.
11. I am not photogenic.
12. I have a weird, dry, but hilarious sense of humor.
13. I may or may not have glasses.
14. I love Ellen DeGenere’s show.
15. I love blogging, and in fact, have a secret blog no one knows about.
16. Every time a Harry Potter movie used to come out, my Dad, brother and me used to go on a Harry Potter Movie Rally. I miss those days :(
17. I suck at Tennis.
19. I have about 109402 lookalikes
20. I think blogs are cool.
21. I hate people who type with improper grammar. Like Swetha.
22. I made a religion called, ‘Bobo’ back in the eighth grade. It was weirdly cool.
24. I love crazy dancing
25. I hate vegetables
26. But love pasta.
27. I laugh easily
28. I got scared of Paranormal Activity and made Alicia sing a song outside the bathroom when I had to pee during the midnight
29. I traveled in a domestic plane all by myself with Alicia and her little 6 year old brother!
30. I love traveling in international airplanes. The movies are so cool.
31. I have a loud voice.
32. I love Jeremy Johnson!
33. I love this video.
34. I’m love Nick Jonas’s voice and Harry Styles’ when he says, KRYPTONITE in the One Thing Live Performance at the Winter Ball
35. I love how Zayn Malik says, ‘VAS HAPPENIN?’
36. I have very poor art skills
37. I used to lie a lot until third grade. I once told my teacher I acted in a movie that was to release in a year. She believed me. I once told this kid fake stories of Bloody Mary. She freaked out for a week.
38. I once stole a book from a library. *OOOOOWWWW* But I returned it four years later. Pinky swear.
39. I used to be a die hard Jacob Black fan
40. I’m going to be Percy Jackson next Halloween. Yeah!
41. I hate the word, ‘LOL’
42. I love Shuttle
43. I want to watch ‘How To Succeed in Business’ starring Nick J. real bad!
44. I love Boyce Avenue
45. I hate how everybody detests Rebecca Black. Poor thing.
46. I’m presently writing a very emotional story about a father-daughter relationship.
47. I wish I could interview the Jo Bros 13 years later, and write a special article in a magazine titled, ’20 YEARS LATER : THE JONAS BROTHERS’
48. I want to make my own magazine when I grow up. And make it world wide famous.
49. I’m scared of death.
50. I’m scared of and hate cats.
51. I think I’ll stop right there.

There. 51 things you may/may not know about me!


2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. I know something about you, too. You write very well for a 14 year old. You make me smile with some of your comments — I am a grandmother and a retired computer teacher. My middle school students were my favorites. I loved their outrageous behavior, sense of humor, (though it was sometime frustrating as a teacher), and their great ideas. Keep on writing; and reading. Good writers read a lot. I read a YA novel recently called Fever: 1793. It was great. I can’t remember the author now, but I think you’d enjoy it.


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