Speak Now: The Review

Challenge Summer #9 – This prompt has been given to me by Katherine, a total Taylor Swift fangirl. Word/Page Limit : Not specified

Speak Now, if ye do not want to hear my review of Speak Now. 
1. Mine : Although I’ve got sick of this song, listening to it for a long time, it’s a wonderful song. I loved it, but the only thing was ; it sounded similar to one of her other songs. I just can’t make it.
2. Sparks Fly : Currently, Sparks Fly is my favorite song. It’s AMAZING. Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain… :) You should listen to the cover of this girl of this song. It’s amazing.
3. Back to December : Do I really need to say much?
4. Speak Now : I’ve realized I’ve only listened to this song about a week ago. But I fell in instant love with it. It’s beautiful. However, it reminds me much of ‘Lovestory’
5. Dear John : This song is just okay. Either I just don’t like the beat of the song or the fact that I’ve only listened to it once.
6. Mean : Ahh. I love this song. It’s probably one of the best Taylor Swift can pull off because of her accent.
7. The Story of Us : I just like the chorus of this song. It’s cute :D
8. Never Grow Up : Aw. I just listened to the song right now and I like it already. It’s really pretty and I love the chorus.
9. Enchanted : Initially, I didn’t like this song. But now? One word : Enchanting.
10. Better Than Revenge : It’s okay. It’s not that bad. Not that great. I just like the part where Taylor goes all like, ‘Now go stand in the corner and THINK about what you did.’ HAHA :)
11. Innocent : Mm mm. *shaking head* I don’t really like this one.
12. Haunted : This song is actually really pretty. I love the background instrumental music.
13. Last Kiss : I actually really like this song. But it’s not one of those kinds I’d listen to over and over again. But it’s still really pretty.
14. Long Live : This song is one of those okay songs as well. Not that intriguing. Not that horrible either.
Overall, Speak Now was an amazing album. It was beautiful and hope she makes amazing songs her next album as well!

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