Different Dream

Challenge Summer #8 : This prompt, ‘Write about the weird dream you had a few days ago’ has been given to me by Swetha…again. I’ve seriously gotta reconsider the rules of Challenge Summer!. Word/Page Limit : Not specified

About two weeks ago, I had a very awkward dream. Explicitly awkward. But pretty cool at the same time. It was the kind of dreams which feel so real, like they’re actually happening.
It all started off with the setting of my neighborhood park/garden. Except the park was about 5 times it’s customary size. It was HUGE. There was this gigundo stage set up and none of the residents knew what was going on. Me and my friend, Penny, were just going out to play Shuttle. While we were going to the court, I saw the Jonas Brothers backstage talking to…my dad. Apparently, my dad was their manager and I didn’t know about it. I stood there shocked but had to much ego to go and ask for an autograph. Instead, Penny and I decided to walk by them and just go and stand by the audience. While we were at it, I couldn’t help but looking at them. Nick and Kevin were intensely talking to my dad about the arrangements and Joe looked a little diverted. That’s when he saw me. And guess what? I had about 15 seconds eye contact with him. Yes. You heard that right! I had eye contact with JOE THE JONAS!
But then, being the weird dream self I was, despite having contact with him, I continued to walk away from him. The next few minutes of the dream were pretty normal. The ‘show’ was an outdoor one and by the time of sunset, all the people were ready for the performance.
The Jonas Brothers came and performed ‘Hold On which the people loved. And guess what? Guess who comes on next? ONE DIRECTIONNN!
You would guess that 1D would come and sing a song or say ‘VAS HAPPENIN‘ or something, right? Instead they were all cockroaches.
To be precise, they were all parts of the cockroaches who together, formed a single cockroach. The ‘cockroach’ began to dance. And in the final scene, Liam being the head of the cockroach, was supposed to move right with the rest of the boys but instead moved to the left. So it looked as though the head and the rest of the body were dancing separately. And THIS was the best part of the whole dream. It was heck hilarious.
The dream ends with the audience laughing and One Direction laughing as well.
And I promise you I haven’t made up a single 0.00004% of this story. It’s all in my dream.
This dream was actually really fun. Seemed pretty real too. It was a cool one.
AAHH. I MET THE JONAS BROTHERS IN MY DREAM. AAAAAHH. *in the midst of hyperventilation that would simply last for another, say, few more hours*

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