Ugadhi, The Telugu New Year

Andhariki Ugadhi Shubhakankshalu.

Today is Ugadhi, the start of the Telugu New Year. Coming from a Telugu family, we celebrate this festival with great pride. Unlike other Indian festivals which do more with poojas and lengthy rituals, most families celebrate this festival in a very simple way. Wearing new traditional clothes to celebrate the day, praying god for a prosperous and prospective year and eating some of the exclusive annual ugadhi pachadi.

Now, this ugadhi pachadi is the reason Ugadhi is one of my favorite festivals. Not only because of its delicious, exotic taste but because it contains a deep symbolism behind its existence.


So this dish is made of 6 ingredients, each symbolizing something…something that gives one the definition of life.

Ripe banana pieces, for its sweetness, signify happiness and glory.

Neem buds, for its bitterness, symbolize the grief and sadness one faces in life.

Green chili, just like we all know for having its spicy taste, signifies anger and wrath one feels at some point of time.

Salt, because of its apparent saltiness, signifies fear.

Tamarind juice symbolizes disgust and shame, considering its sour

Mango, which contains a whirling taste, signifies surprise.


So that’s the base of this ugadhi pacchadi and what it’s actually supposed to contain. But of course we tend to modify this original recipe, because who exactly in their right minds would eat green chili on purpose?

But that’s how our forefathers and ancestors meant it to stand by, and honestly, that very concept of life symbolized all in one dish is astonishing.


Ugadhi, a day dedicated to thanking god for where we are, asking him for his blessings and hoping he would grace us for the next year, is a day of realizing, offering and celebrating.

And of course, it gives you a chance to make a whole new list of new years resolutions.

All About Me

Challenge Summer #10: The prompt, Write About Yourself has been given to me by Katherine. Word/Page Limit : Not specified, as usual.

Well, it’s all about me, huh? To start off,
1. I’m very cheerful but have a tiny bit of short temper. My short temper lasts for literally 10 seconds, but while it lasts, you don’t want to mess with me.
2. Ironically, I’m very sensitive.
3. I love singing and playing the piano at the same time.
4. I laugh like Niall Horan.
5. I have super straight hair.
6. Pretty Little Liars are part of my clique.
7. I think YouTube is the coolest website ever.
8. I love self-shopping.
9. I can never get tired buying gazillion pairs of clothes every time I go to the mall.
10. I love taking pictures, but not of myself.
11. I am not photogenic.
12. I have a weird, dry, but hilarious sense of humor.
13. I may or may not have glasses.
14. I love Ellen DeGenere’s show.
15. I love blogging, and in fact, have a secret blog no one knows about.
16. Every time a Harry Potter movie used to come out, my Dad, brother and me used to go on a Harry Potter Movie Rally. I miss those days :(
17. I suck at Tennis.
19. I have about 109402 lookalikes
20. I think blogs are cool.
21. I hate people who type with improper grammar. Like Swetha.
22. I made a religion called, ‘Bobo’ back in the eighth grade. It was weirdly cool.
24. I love crazy dancing
25. I hate vegetables
26. But love pasta.
27. I laugh easily
28. I got scared of Paranormal Activity and made Alicia sing a song outside the bathroom when I had to pee during the midnight
29. I traveled in a domestic plane all by myself with Alicia and her little 6 year old brother!
30. I love traveling in international airplanes. The movies are so cool.
31. I have a loud voice.
32. I love Jeremy Johnson!
33. I love this video.
34. I’m love Nick Jonas’s voice and Harry Styles’ when he says, KRYPTONITE in the One Thing Live Performance at the Winter Ball
35. I love how Zayn Malik says, ‘VAS HAPPENIN?’
36. I have very poor art skills
37. I used to lie a lot until third grade. I once told my teacher I acted in a movie that was to release in a year. She believed me. I once told this kid fake stories of Bloody Mary. She freaked out for a week.
38. I once stole a book from a library. *OOOOOWWWW* But I returned it four years later. Pinky swear.
39. I used to be a die hard Jacob Black fan
40. I’m going to be Percy Jackson next Halloween. Yeah!
41. I hate the word, ‘LOL’
42. I love Shuttle
43. I want to watch ‘How To Succeed in Business’ starring Nick J. real bad!
44. I love Boyce Avenue
45. I hate how everybody detests Rebecca Black. Poor thing.
46. I’m presently writing a very emotional story about a father-daughter relationship.
47. I wish I could interview the Jo Bros 13 years later, and write a special article in a magazine titled, ’20 YEARS LATER : THE JONAS BROTHERS’
48. I want to make my own magazine when I grow up. And make it world wide famous.
49. I’m scared of death.
50. I’m scared of and hate cats.
51. I think I’ll stop right there.

There. 51 things you may/may not know about me!

Speak Now: The Review

Challenge Summer #9 – This prompt has been given to me by Katherine, a total Taylor Swift fangirl. Word/Page Limit : Not specified

Speak Now, if ye do not want to hear my review of Speak Now. 
1. Mine : Although I’ve got sick of this song, listening to it for a long time, it’s a wonderful song. I loved it, but the only thing was ; it sounded similar to one of her other songs. I just can’t make it.
2. Sparks Fly : Currently, Sparks Fly is my favorite song. It’s AMAZING. Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain… :) You should listen to the cover of this girl of this song. It’s amazing.
3. Back to December : Do I really need to say much?
4. Speak Now : I’ve realized I’ve only listened to this song about a week ago. But I fell in instant love with it. It’s beautiful. However, it reminds me much of ‘Lovestory’
5. Dear John : This song is just okay. Either I just don’t like the beat of the song or the fact that I’ve only listened to it once.
6. Mean : Ahh. I love this song. It’s probably one of the best Taylor Swift can pull off because of her accent.
7. The Story of Us : I just like the chorus of this song. It’s cute :D
8. Never Grow Up : Aw. I just listened to the song right now and I like it already. It’s really pretty and I love the chorus.
9. Enchanted : Initially, I didn’t like this song. But now? One word : Enchanting.
10. Better Than Revenge : It’s okay. It’s not that bad. Not that great. I just like the part where Taylor goes all like, ‘Now go stand in the corner and THINK about what you did.’ HAHA :)
11. Innocent : Mm mm. *shaking head* I don’t really like this one.
12. Haunted : This song is actually really pretty. I love the background instrumental music.
13. Last Kiss : I actually really like this song. But it’s not one of those kinds I’d listen to over and over again. But it’s still really pretty.
14. Long Live : This song is one of those okay songs as well. Not that intriguing. Not that horrible either.
Overall, Speak Now was an amazing album. It was beautiful and hope she makes amazing songs her next album as well!

Different Dream

Challenge Summer #8 : This prompt, ‘Write about the weird dream you had a few days ago’ has been given to me by Swetha…again. I’ve seriously gotta reconsider the rules of Challenge Summer!. Word/Page Limit : Not specified

About two weeks ago, I had a very awkward dream. Explicitly awkward. But pretty cool at the same time. It was the kind of dreams which feel so real, like they’re actually happening.
It all started off with the setting of my neighborhood park/garden. Except the park was about 5 times it’s customary size. It was HUGE. There was this gigundo stage set up and none of the residents knew what was going on. Me and my friend, Penny, were just going out to play Shuttle. While we were going to the court, I saw the Jonas Brothers backstage talking to…my dad. Apparently, my dad was their manager and I didn’t know about it. I stood there shocked but had to much ego to go and ask for an autograph. Instead, Penny and I decided to walk by them and just go and stand by the audience. While we were at it, I couldn’t help but looking at them. Nick and Kevin were intensely talking to my dad about the arrangements and Joe looked a little diverted. That’s when he saw me. And guess what? I had about 15 seconds eye contact with him. Yes. You heard that right! I had eye contact with JOE THE JONAS!
But then, being the weird dream self I was, despite having contact with him, I continued to walk away from him. The next few minutes of the dream were pretty normal. The ‘show’ was an outdoor one and by the time of sunset, all the people were ready for the performance.
The Jonas Brothers came and performed ‘Hold On which the people loved. And guess what? Guess who comes on next? ONE DIRECTIONNN!
You would guess that 1D would come and sing a song or say ‘VAS HAPPENIN‘ or something, right? Instead they were all cockroaches.
To be precise, they were all parts of the cockroaches who together, formed a single cockroach. The ‘cockroach’ began to dance. And in the final scene, Liam being the head of the cockroach, was supposed to move right with the rest of the boys but instead moved to the left. So it looked as though the head and the rest of the body were dancing separately. And THIS was the best part of the whole dream. It was heck hilarious.
The dream ends with the audience laughing and One Direction laughing as well.
And I promise you I haven’t made up a single 0.00004% of this story. It’s all in my dream.
This dream was actually really fun. Seemed pretty real too. It was a cool one.
AAHH. I MET THE JONAS BROTHERS IN MY DREAM. AAAAAHH. *in the midst of hyperventilation that would simply last for another, say, few more hours*