Joe Jonas Poster Theory

Challenge Summer #7 : This prompt has been given in by the dumb Swetha. Yes. For like the millionth time. Word/Page Limit : Not specified

Incase you haven’t known already, I used to have this JJPOD. JJPOD stands for Joe Jonas Poster Obsession Disease. The thing is, whenever I used to look at the poster, I could feel him talk back to me. Like literally feel it. I could see him smirking or laughing. Whenever I got into trouble and would slump in my bedroom, he would smirk. I’d just sit there talking to him for like half and hour. It was especially distracting when I had to study. Because he’d just keep making faces. He’s actually a really funny person. He used to keep cracking jokes now and then.We even sang a song together once.
I know it’s a little creepy/freaky/weird, but it’s true. I think I had like a severe case of hallucination at that moment.
I used to keep telling all my friends and they were simply creeped out. They were freaked out and told me to go measure his smile every night to see if he was actually making faces. Surprisingly to Alicia, one day when we measured it, his smile grew by like 3 cm. If I haven’t mentioned already, for a few days, even Alicia thought that he was talking back to us.
But anyways, I don’t anymore. I had to take off the poster during the summer though for reasons. Actually there was just one reason. He looked horribly weird in that poster. I bet Swetha is growling at this moment ; she was the one who got me the poster :) I’m just kidding. He looked okay, but I don’t really care cause I’m a Jonas fan. I had to take off the poster for other reasons.
It’s not back on my wall…yet. So, I’d just have to wait and see whether I still have JJPOD when I put the poster back up.

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