The other day at school, I was listening to the Geography teacher when these two idiotic boys behind me tap me, begin to giggle and say, “Hey Summer… you left this behind.”. I turn around and see a paper of my writing in his hand. I snatch it away from him and exhale while they begin to laugh. I asked him how he got it and it turns out it was in his desk. Then it struck me that the janitors in our school had switched all of our desks. I hit myself on the head and look at the paper. It was a letter I wrote to the future me. It had stuff written on it regarding myself and my life. And it’s really embarrassing for those two to read it, ‘cause they don’t even know anything about me. I actually wrote it to post it on my blog later on, where my schoolmates do not really read it (atleast the boys don’t) but those two idiots read it. Curse them. Anyways, I’m probably going to post it on soon when I find time, I guess.


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