Lost in a Store

It was a cold winter evening in Detroit when my five year old self and my dad had decided to buy a few food supplies at the nearby grocery store. Since we had gone to Detroit to visit our cousins, we were not familiar with the area but had managed to go to the store without much trouble.

While my dad was carrying out his errands, my eyes began to drift across the store aimlessly. And then, I saw it. Standing on the rack right there was the all-new Powerpuff Girl’s Lunchbox. My eyes widened and I jumped with joy. I pulled my dad to the opposite aisle and showed him what I wanted. My dad gave me a look and shook his head to say, ‘No’. It was as if a balloon had burst. I asked him again. But I had heard, once again, the same reply. I stood there, admiring the perfect lunchbox while my dad continued to buy the supplies. Five minutes had passed by and I looked around for my dad. He was standing there, in the refreshments aisle. I realised it was hopeless to wait for my dad to buy the lunchbox and walked to him. He walked to a few more aisles and I followed respectfully. Just when I was about to call him, he turned around. I gasped. The man infront of me was not my dad but rather a middle aged Chinese man. I ran away from him mmediately and began to search for my dad in tears. After another 5 minutes of searching, I saw my dad with his arms our, waiting for me. I ran to him and cried even more. He laughed, telling me not to cry. Yet, in shock and happiness, I cried into his shoulders.

After a long time of sobbing and crying, we went back home. And guess what? I went back home with my Powerpuff Girl’s Lunchbox.


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