My dream house would probably be…


1. A medium sized wooden, open house on the shore of a beach with a really pretty cabana covered with green vines. The thought of sipping blue lemonade while sitting on your cabana looking out on to the waves is just, simply ahhh.
2. A medium sized house with a gigantic lawn and a perfect shuttle court and basketball court. And a sort of little cabin next to the main house on the lawn to put in your books,board games and DVD’s and stuff. Sorta like your own personal Shangri-la cabin.
3. A house with it’s base color as white. White walls. White marble flooring. White ceilings. And the furniture should be colorful and ‘matchful’. That would be amazingly pretty.
4. Forget about a house. I’d want a kitchen just like that.That’s T.Swift’s BTW.
You know, what would be perfect though?
Cozed up, next to people who love you and you love back; not just in a room of material but of compassion.

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