The other day at school, I was listening to the Geography teacher when these two idiotic boys behind me tap me, begin to giggle and say, “Hey Summer… you left this behind.”. I turn around and see a paper of my writing in his hand. I snatch it away from him and exhale while they begin to laugh. I asked him how he got it and it turns out it was in his desk. Then it struck me that the janitors in our school had switched all of our desks. I hit myself on the head and look at the paper. It was a letter I wrote to the future me. It had stuff written on it regarding myself and my life. And it’s really embarrassing for those two to read it, ‘cause they don’t even know anything about me. I actually wrote it to post it on my blog later on, where my schoolmates do not really read it (atleast the boys don’t) but those two idiots read it. Curse them. Anyways, I’m probably going to post it on soon when I find time, I guess.

Fail Magic

There is this guy in my class who knows how to make people fall unconscious/faint. I watched him do it myself. And it’s pretty freaky. This is how it goes : he asks a person to bend down and inhale and exhale 6 times. Then he asks them to get up and hold their breath. Meanwhile, he looks at them straight into the eye for like 5 seconds and holds their neck gently. And then, boom. The person begins to falter and drops down. It’s real scary. But that’s not what this post is actually about, the post is about my series of fail attempts. Read on.

So the other day, on Friday night, we had this party with like gazillion and one kids. So this guy named, say Dave, was doing this other trick on some people. He was sorta failing at it. I mean, it worked on a few and didn’t work on a few. It didn’t work on me. Meanwhile, my other friend, Penny, tells me to attempt that fainting trick on this dude. I’m just like “No way Jose.” But people began to surround me with requests already. And so, I couldn’t help it and neither could Dave. So I tried. Tried once. Then twice. Thrice. Quadruple times. I swear, I probably tried like 16 times or so on Dave and these two other kids. But I kept failing. Failing and failing. It’s not like I expected myself to succeed, cause seriously, fainting is like this high degree thing. But it was hilarious. I guess one reason it didn’t work was because I kept laughing and so did he. You really can’t expect me to be serious and look at him straight in the eye, knowing I was gonna fail. Another reason is because I’m not a pro like the guy in my class. That dude went to his town for Christmas Vacation and came back with mastering that very art. So yeah. But it wasn’t really that embarrasing, considering the fact that Dave was failing at his trick too. And the fact that it was funny watching me fail. Later for my satisfaction, he sort of ‘fake’ fainted and I’m happy with that.

Have you guys tried any tricks? Only tell me on the assurance that they actually work!

Lost in a Store

It was a cold winter evening in Detroit when my five year old self and my dad had decided to buy a few food supplies at the nearby grocery store. Since we had gone to Detroit to visit our cousins, we were not familiar with the area but had managed to go to the store without much trouble.

While my dad was carrying out his errands, my eyes began to drift across the store aimlessly. And then, I saw it. Standing on the rack right there was the all-new Powerpuff Girl’s Lunchbox. My eyes widened and I jumped with joy. I pulled my dad to the opposite aisle and showed him what I wanted. My dad gave me a look and shook his head to say, ‘No’. It was as if a balloon had burst. I asked him again. But I had heard, once again, the same reply. I stood there, admiring the perfect lunchbox while my dad continued to buy the supplies. Five minutes had passed by and I looked around for my dad. He was standing there, in the refreshments aisle. I realised it was hopeless to wait for my dad to buy the lunchbox and walked to him. He walked to a few more aisles and I followed respectfully. Just when I was about to call him, he turned around. I gasped. The man infront of me was not my dad but rather a middle aged Chinese man. I ran away from him mmediately and began to search for my dad in tears. After another 5 minutes of searching, I saw my dad with his arms our, waiting for me. I ran to him and cried even more. He laughed, telling me not to cry. Yet, in shock and happiness, I cried into his shoulders.

After a long time of sobbing and crying, we went back home. And guess what? I went back home with my Powerpuff Girl’s Lunchbox.

My dream house would probably be…


1. A medium sized wooden, open house on the shore of a beach with a really pretty cabana covered with green vines. The thought of sipping blue lemonade while sitting on your cabana looking out on to the waves is just, simply ahhh.
2. A medium sized house with a gigantic lawn and a perfect shuttle court and basketball court. And a sort of little cabin next to the main house on the lawn to put in your books,board games and DVD’s and stuff. Sorta like your own personal Shangri-la cabin.
3. A house with it’s base color as white. White walls. White marble flooring. White ceilings. And the furniture should be colorful and ‘matchful’. That would be amazingly pretty.
4. Forget about a house. I’d want a kitchen just like that.That’s T.Swift’s BTW.
You know, what would be perfect though?
Cozed up, next to people who love you and you love back; not just in a room of material but of compassion.

A Real Story

This video is an inspirational video of an eighteen year old who died recently of a cardiac arrest. It made me think for a long time how unfair, short and memorable life can be. Many of you might have watched it since it’s been crazily publicized. So have I, on the day after Christmas, but I wasn’t in town so I wasn’t able to post it. In case you haven’t watched it, make sure you do. Because it’s one of those kind which makes your reflect back upon you.