2011: A Great Year

The year’s coming to an end and late yesterday, I was thinking about how many things happened this year. There’s been plenty of good stuff that’s happened to me as well as a few bad things I’d rather not mention. But to keep it simple : 2011 was amazing. Why? Here’s why.
1. I turned freshman! And freshman year in school was great. New friends, new experiences and plenty of fun.
2. I’m 14! And that’s 2 years less than when I can drive a car.
3. I wrote a better story than I ever have before. I’ll try to post it if I can.
4. I’ve realized my inner passion. A passion of mine that I want my future to be. Writing.
5. I’ve read the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series this year! And they are definately one of the most epic series I’ve ever read so far!
6. I’ve been obsessed with the Jonas Brothers this year. Yes, I know it’s pretty weird and hard to believe. But I’ve been actually obsessed with them this year. And they’re definetly come on to my inspiration list. Atleast, Nick J. does.
7. I completed Grade 5 in piano! 3 more grades to go and I’m a real pianist!
8. I’ve won quite a few things at school this year in music and literature. Go Summer!
9. I’m travelled a lot this year. And all of the travels had been great.
11. I was Khione this Halloween and that was pretty cool.
12. I found my soulsister.
13. I’ve improved myself a lot in many different ways. Be it playing shuttle, the way I write, my grades, the way I sing… everything. Okay. Now, I just sound a little like a boastful cat. I’ll stop.
14. I’ve learnt to bake stuff real well.
15. Nicky turned three!
16. I’ve organized a fail surprise birthday party for my friend.
17. I’ve had gazillions of shopping sprees with my mom and friends.
18. I’ve read plenty of good books this year that I haven’t before. Weird I haven’t before, but books like ‘Shiloh’.
19. I’ve starting following a few shows on television and they’re plain awesome.
20. I’ve had many moments this year (good and bad, but mostly funny ones), that I’ll prolly remember forever. Well not really forever, but like few more months or two.

Ah. That’s all I can think of for now. It’s crazy how the year passed by so quick and we’re on the edge of the year already. But overall, this year was awesome and I can’t wait for 2012 to be the same way either.


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