Isn’t it weird how you see a person on one side of the world and then you come back to the other side of the world and see the same person in a different form? Basically the point is, it’s weird looking at people and then their lookalikes. It’s pretty freaky.

I know this one dude who looks exactly like Taylor Lautner when he was tiny. I’ve also seen this other guy in the mall who looks like all four of the Jonas Brothers together. It was so cool.
Sometimes, maybe not necessarily in the looks, people remind me of other people. You know that Taylor Lautner lookalike guy I was talking about? Well, I’m not even kidding, he acts just like he came out of ‘The Lost Hero’ as Leo Valdez. I swear. His sense of humor is just like Leo. The other cool part is that his brother’s character is like a replica of Jason Grace! He’s pretty serious, has a different sense of humor, very sarcastic and tends to dominate. But it’s so mysterious how they come from the same family and act like both the protagonists!
At times, I find lookalikes that I do not want to be found as lookalikes. For example, my dumb friends say I look like my Geography teacher in a morphed way and from a certain angle. I do not look a thing like her. Believe in moi. But unfortunately, my idiots think so. Well you nincompoops, I certainly do not! (referring to those friends) *growls in disgust*

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