What I Would Not Say To A T-Rex

We did this as part of our individual assignment in our creative writing workshop. It was pretty cool and so, I’m gonna type it out.

1. “Hey! I put on a new perfume that smells like ‘chicken meat’. Wanna smell dude?”
2. “Do you want to have a fist fight with me?”
3. “I’ll have that last bit of the yummiest pasta mom. Don’t give any to this weirdo.”
4. ” You smell real bad. Like a stinky sock that hasn’t been washed for years?”
5. “What’s up with your body? It has slimy stuff all over. Gross.”
6. “You’re too ugly to get married.”
7. “How come you’re bald?”
8. “A snail can run faster than you, you doofus.”
9. “Your nose looks like Voldemort’s.”


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