Just A Bit of Everything

Yup, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing anything much on this blog for the past few days blah blah blah. Truth is, I have been writing. Writing a lot. Summer here, has written two book reviews, one original story, half of an original story and a group story that was capable enough to win first place (yeahh!) all in the past three weeks. Point is, I’m here for a quick update on what/how I’ve been thinking/doing/changing lately. Right away.

1. I realized I’m real good in writing emotional stories. Except, I started a new story that’s TOTALLY based on something different which I’m not going to be sharing on this very blog

2. PERCY JACKSON AND THE SEA OF MONSTERS IS COMING OUT! All I need to do now is wait for 2013. *growls*

3. One direction infection has caught me.

4. Chocolate Brownies and Vanilla Cupcakes. I baked them last week. The brownies turned out well while the cupcakes turned out to be a fail.

5. My birthday passed about a week and a half ago. I’M FINALLY 14!

6. I know it’s pretty late for a 14 year old to read a book but I officially am done reading ‘Shiloh’. It’s an amazing book. It relates to you even better when you have a dog.

7. I’m going to order stuff from Amazon this week for my Secret Santa and myself. Yeah, that’s right, we’re doing the Secret Santa thing at school. I’m really want a Jonas Poster, One Direction Poster or a Percy Jackson poster if I am gonna get anything. Along with the One Direction’s autobiography and the Jonas’s autobiography as well. I know perfectly well what to get my Secret Santa. Plus, my best friend, Alicia’s birthday is coming up. So I probably am gonna get her something as well.

8. Creative Writing Workshop’s gonna open again this Saturday!

9. GUESS WHAT? I was stalking Rick Riordan’s website and apparantly Camp Half Blood exists in three different places across the whole of America! Isn’t that unbelievable? Apparently, it’s a short seven-day day camp or so. They divide you into cabins based on your godly parent, make you play Capture The Flag and other demigod activities. I wish I could go :(

10. My hair’s this real cool color. It’s like this naturally highlighted shade of colors. It has a few strands of chocolate brown, black, oak-ish brown, light brown, dark brown and red. You can’t really tell from a distance but when you examine it really closely, you can tell. It’s pretty interesting.

11. My World History teacher looks like a dinosaur.

12. Nicky’s become thinner.

13. I was looking back at the poems and stories I’ve written when I was a kid and I happen to find this one poem called, ‘ My Brother Put His Foot In My Cereal’.

14. Someday I’ll be living in a big old city… TAYLOR SWIFT OBSESSION KICKS IN TOO. She’s amazing. It’s like the old seventh grade Summer is coming back to me. I started liking Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner all over again. Questa probably must be shaking her head at this sight.

15. There’s so much drama going around in school. We’re just freaking freshmen here and these kids act like they’re part of Desperate Housewives. I can’t really explain anything here, but I wish I could. *sighs*


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