Best Christmas Present Ever

I was reading this article on Yahoo! earlier today. It was such an inspirational story to read and it made my heart skip a beat. Teaching moral lessons to never give up on what you want and working hard towards is this girl’s example. Reuniting with her family would probably be her best Christmas present ever. On a similar note, it’s pretty freaky to imagine that while we were sitting back home, kick back and relaxing on that day of the quake, over 40000 people went missing and over a million were displaced. Life’s pretty scary and unpredictable and we should be thankful and grateful for where we are. Thank you God.
Merry Christmas!

2011: A Great Year

The year’s coming to an end and late yesterday, I was thinking about how many things happened this year. There’s been plenty of good stuff that’s happened to me as well as a few bad things I’d rather not mention. But to keep it simple : 2011 was amazing. Why? Here’s why.
1. I turned freshman! And freshman year in school was great. New friends, new experiences and plenty of fun.
2. I’m 14! And that’s 2 years less than when I can drive a car.
3. I wrote a better story than I ever have before. I’ll try to post it if I can.
4. I’ve realized my inner passion. A passion of mine that I want my future to be. Writing.
5. I’ve read the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series this year! And they are definately one of the most epic series I’ve ever read so far!
6. I’ve been obsessed with the Jonas Brothers this year. Yes, I know it’s pretty weird and hard to believe. But I’ve been actually obsessed with them this year. And they’re definetly come on to my inspiration list. Atleast, Nick J. does.
7. I completed Grade 5 in piano! 3 more grades to go and I’m a real pianist!
8. I’ve won quite a few things at school this year in music and literature. Go Summer!
9. I’m travelled a lot this year. And all of the travels had been great.
11. I was Khione this Halloween and that was pretty cool.
12. I found my soulsister.
13. I’ve improved myself a lot in many different ways. Be it playing shuttle, the way I write, my grades, the way I sing… everything. Okay. Now, I just sound a little like a boastful cat. I’ll stop.
14. I’ve learnt to bake stuff real well.
15. Nicky turned three!
16. I’ve organized a fail surprise birthday party for my friend.
17. I’ve had gazillions of shopping sprees with my mom and friends.
18. I’ve read plenty of good books this year that I haven’t before. Weird I haven’t before, but books like ‘Shiloh’.
19. I’ve starting following a few shows on television and they’re plain awesome.
20. I’ve had many moments this year (good and bad, but mostly funny ones), that I’ll prolly remember forever. Well not really forever, but like few more months or two.

Ah. That’s all I can think of for now. It’s crazy how the year passed by so quick and we’re on the edge of the year already. But overall, this year was awesome and I can’t wait for 2012 to be the same way either.


Isn’t it weird how you see a person on one side of the world and then you come back to the other side of the world and see the same person in a different form? Basically the point is, it’s weird looking at people and then their lookalikes. It’s pretty freaky.

I know this one dude who looks exactly like Taylor Lautner when he was tiny. I’ve also seen this other guy in the mall who looks like all four of the Jonas Brothers together. It was so cool.
Sometimes, maybe not necessarily in the looks, people remind me of other people. You know that Taylor Lautner lookalike guy I was talking about? Well, I’m not even kidding, he acts just like he came out of ‘The Lost Hero’ as Leo Valdez. I swear. His sense of humor is just like Leo. The other cool part is that his brother’s character is like a replica of Jason Grace! He’s pretty serious, has a different sense of humor, very sarcastic and tends to dominate. But it’s so mysterious how they come from the same family and act like both the protagonists!
At times, I find lookalikes that I do not want to be found as lookalikes. For example, my dumb friends say I look like my Geography teacher in a morphed way and from a certain angle. I do not look a thing like her. Believe in moi. But unfortunately, my idiots think so. Well you nincompoops, I certainly do not! (referring to those friends) *growls in disgust*


I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately and they feel so…real. Like they’ve actually happened. It’s so freaky how they’re just a reflection of what we think on a daily basis. But what if? What if dreams are actually a connection to a parallel universe? What if you think they’re just your imagination but they’re actually happening? What if they’re a path to something that could happen? What if they’re a vague reflection of the future? I think I’ve just found out what my next story is going to be about.

What I Would Not Say To A T-Rex

We did this as part of our individual assignment in our creative writing workshop. It was pretty cool and so, I’m gonna type it out.

1. “Hey! I put on a new perfume that smells like ‘chicken meat’. Wanna smell dude?”
2. “Do you want to have a fist fight with me?”
3. “I’ll have that last bit of the yummiest pasta mom. Don’t give any to this weirdo.”
4. ” You smell real bad. Like a stinky sock that hasn’t been washed for years?”
5. “What’s up with your body? It has slimy stuff all over. Gross.”
6. “You’re too ugly to get married.”
7. “How come you’re bald?”
8. “A snail can run faster than you, you doofus.”
9. “Your nose looks like Voldemort’s.”

The Future

What are you going to do in the next 15 years? Where will you be? Would you be famous? Would you meet your inspiration? Would you accomplish what you want to do now? Would you be on a totally different path from what you expected to do? Would your best friend stay your best friend? Is your best friend who she/he used to be? Where would you be living? Would you have a bigger family? Would you be richer? Would there be robots dominating the world? Would 2012 strike in the year 2050?

Close your eyes and try to view the future.

Pretty vaguely austere, huh?

Just A Bit of Everything

Yup, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing anything much on this blog for the past few days blah blah blah. Truth is, I have been writing. Writing a lot. Summer here, has written two book reviews, one original story, half of an original story and a group story that was capable enough to win first place (yeahh!) all in the past three weeks. Point is, I’m here for a quick update on what/how I’ve been thinking/doing/changing lately. Right away.

1. I realized I’m real good in writing emotional stories. Except, I started a new story that’s TOTALLY based on something different which I’m not going to be sharing on this very blog

2. PERCY JACKSON AND THE SEA OF MONSTERS IS COMING OUT! All I need to do now is wait for 2013. *growls*

3. One direction infection has caught me.

4. Chocolate Brownies and Vanilla Cupcakes. I baked them last week. The brownies turned out well while the cupcakes turned out to be a fail.

5. My birthday passed about a week and a half ago. I’M FINALLY 14!

6. I know it’s pretty late for a 14 year old to read a book but I officially am done reading ‘Shiloh’. It’s an amazing book. It relates to you even better when you have a dog.

7. I’m going to order stuff from Amazon this week for my Secret Santa and myself. Yeah, that’s right, we’re doing the Secret Santa thing at school. I’m really want a Jonas Poster, One Direction Poster or a Percy Jackson poster if I am gonna get anything. Along with the One Direction’s autobiography and the Jonas’s autobiography as well. I know perfectly well what to get my Secret Santa. Plus, my best friend, Alicia’s birthday is coming up. So I probably am gonna get her something as well.

8. Creative Writing Workshop’s gonna open again this Saturday!

9. GUESS WHAT? I was stalking Rick Riordan’s website and apparantly Camp Half Blood exists in three different places across the whole of America! Isn’t that unbelievable? Apparently, it’s a short seven-day day camp or so. They divide you into cabins based on your godly parent, make you play Capture The Flag and other demigod activities. I wish I could go :(

10. My hair’s this real cool color. It’s like this naturally highlighted shade of colors. It has a few strands of chocolate brown, black, oak-ish brown, light brown, dark brown and red. You can’t really tell from a distance but when you examine it really closely, you can tell. It’s pretty interesting.

11. My World History teacher looks like a dinosaur.

12. Nicky’s become thinner.

13. I was looking back at the poems and stories I’ve written when I was a kid and I happen to find this one poem called, ‘ My Brother Put His Foot In My Cereal’.

14. Someday I’ll be living in a big old city… TAYLOR SWIFT OBSESSION KICKS IN TOO. She’s amazing. It’s like the old seventh grade Summer is coming back to me. I started liking Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner all over again. Questa probably must be shaking her head at this sight.

15. There’s so much drama going around in school. We’re just freaking freshmen here and these kids act like they’re part of Desperate Housewives. I can’t really explain anything here, but I wish I could. *sighs*