If I had to choose between :

Jason/Piper : Well if you know me well, you’d know my straight away obvious answer. Jason is more secure, understanding and makes me feel more comfortable than Piper. It’s not Piper’s fault that she has a character that’s quite selfish and…different. I guess its because of her mom’s Aphrodite.
Sirius Black/Hagrid : I’d have to pick Sirius. I guess it’s half because I’m a LOT like Sirius and the other half because I feel really bad for him. Until he was 18-ish, Sirius would have probably had the best teenage life ever. But then, he has to throw away all that aside when the bad part of his life strikes. He gets thrown into the Azkaban, his best friends think that he betrayed them and his life reduces to a pile of dung. And once his life begins to rearrange back together again…when Harry was supposed to move in that summer…when he was going to start anew… he passes away. It’s all so sad. RIP SIRIUS BLACK.
Liam Payne/Taylor Lautner : Liam <3.
Spongebob Squarepants/The Fairly OddParents : I’m a big Spongebob freak, but being a 13 years 358 days old, and changing interests, I’d have to say I like the other show better.
Stephanie Meyer/Sara Shepard : Stephanie Meyer, with no hesitation. Even though her storyline sucks, her writing is amazing. It’s intriguing and really descriptive. Sara Shepard’s storyline is okay-ish but her writing is so draggy and puts in unnecessary scenes, which makes it altogether blech.
Golden Retrievers/Labrador Retrievers : GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!!! But, I have a Labrador retriever and she’s still like the cutest thing on the planet.

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