When Old Meets New

Today at school, we had this group story writing competition thing. Alicia, this other girl and me were in this team. The way it goes is the librarian gives us a topic to write about. Without planning, one of us goes and begins typing the story on the computer. After 10 minutes, we pass the computer over to the next person who continues the story. After another period of 10 minutes, we pass it to the last person who concludes the story. The basic rules were ‘no planning’ or ‘looking over at the computer when the other person was typing in’. Guess what topic we got? The sole one topic that we crossed our fingers in hope that we don’t get, we get. Suspense/Crime Scene.

However, you may consider it as rule-breaking, but we sort of didnt follow the rules. *giggles* The librarian told us to decide who goes first and last and blahh, and we took advantage of the few seconds she gave us to discuss our plot in brief. It came out pretty well for a 30 minute story.
Our story, ‘When Old Meets New’ was a story about a 50 year old Melissa Middleton reciting a personal anecdote to her grandchildren. The story talks about how Melissa used to be a popular girl during high school and used to bully other kids around. Then, the story switches to her being stalked by someone, in reality and via the internet. This ‘stalker’ turns out to be one of the kids she used to bully a lot. After that, there’s a mini action scene, eventually leading to the stalker dude getting caught. It turns out that the pressure and bullying he went through during high school turned him revengeful against Melissa and much more…it turned him schizophrenic.
The story was actually quite cool, although it would have been better if we had more time. It’s like this vague adaption of the movie ‘Cyberbullyexcept a little different.
I’d post it in onto the blogger thing if that librarian sends or gives it back to us. *sighs*

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