Sprouting Randomness Part Three

Back On To The Brothers

Face it, Summer. I cannot, absolutely cannot stay away from the Jonas Brothers. I just cant stay mad at them for more than a week. They’re just plain amazing. And I’m not explaining my obsession all over again.
Creative Writing Aboard!
I’m taking these real cool creative writing sessions with a few people from my neighborhood. It’s pretty fun. We do these creative writing activities and she gives us things to write about and stuff. Considering the fact I want to be a journalist/free-lance writer/author/something-to-do-with-literature, it’s a good step ahead.
Pudding=Rock Cakes?
Alicia came over two weeks ago and we tried making chocolate pudding from a recipe in the newspaper. Guess what it turned out like? Hagrid’s rock cakes.
Being A Different Person
Do you feel that way too? Or act that way? I’m a total different person at school when compared to the way I act ’round family. Alicia says she acts like that too. It’s not necessarily that one character is good and the other one is bad. It’s just that both are quite…different.
One Direction!
Another obsession kicks in. ONE DIRECTION FOREVER YEAHH! I sort of don’t even like all of them that much. Harry’s like a Nick Jonas dupe dude. Zayne’s like a Joe Jonas dupe. Tomlinson and the other guy, I don’t even know much about them or haven’t listened to their X Factor performances much. That leaves Liam Payne. LIAM <3
Pretty Cool Nails
Unfortunately, I don’t have nails. But for those girls who do, make sure you checkthis, in case you haven’t. My favorites are the ‘Cookie Monster‘ ones and the ‘M&M‘ ones and the ‘Newspaper‘ ones.
Three Posts in One Hour!

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