What I Am Not Going To Do Today

Challenge Summer #5 : This prompt was given in to me by Questa. Except she gave me two conditions. One, it has to be a list containing atleast 15 items. Two, I need to write in a style she does. And that’s the catch here. Aahhh. I’m dead.

Well, here goes my fail attempt at imitating Questa. —
What I’m Not Going To Do Today
1. Watch an episode of Desperate Housewives. The show is absolutely blech. Hear ye, that show shall be trodden over by a pair of pink ponies, I say! Actually, that show is a mere disgrace to ponies. Yes, it shall be trodden over by the evil forces of Gaea and Typhon! *evil laugh*
2. Play the guitar. Unfortunately to mes interest, I cannot play the guitar. *shake head in disapproval* However, I can play the piano which is one of my dearest hobbies.
3. Write anything related to romance. Romantic writings are not just something I fancy or find amusing. Plus, I cannot think of anything soppy or charming at the moment anyways.
4. Read the Little House series.
5. Visit the ‘Ashley Furniture’ showroom. I absolutely abhor that place. Ugh. I used to love that place until I broke my nose when I was 8 years old. I was jumping down the stairs two at a time and then, PLOP. I fell down and broke my nose. My nose looked half like Voldemort’s for about 2 months. And I will never forgive that shop for the crime they have committed.
6. Travel to another continent. I would if I could, but I cannot. Can I? I guess I could travel to South America and Africa. Or maybe Europe too. Ah… That would be delightful.
7. Dance the Waltz. Again, I would if I could. But I cannot. I guess I could learn it today. That would be interesting. *claps hands in delight*
8. Call Lindsay Lohan. To begin with, I don’t have her phone number. And even if I did, I’d probably burn it in a furnace.
9. Cook Lasagna. I love Lasagna, but I don’t know how to cook it. Bah.
10. Ride my horse into the woods. I have a horse?
11. Admire the books of the Twilight Saga. Ye Dare Insult Me? I, Summer Falls, am an absolute anti-Twilight lady and will stand united with other anti-Twilight-ers. (although, the movies could be quite entertaining…)
12. Record a copy of me singing ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black in a recording studio and post it on YouTube.
13. Watch a Chinese movie. All I would understand out of the movie is people talking real quick.
14. Memorize my Physics book. Numero Uno, Physics makes me dizzy. Numero Dos, I just don’t want to. You have a problem ye?
15. Prank call somebody. I hate prank calling. It is very annoying when cowpogscall your house and say something real stupid. Except I like calling my friends and act like I’m one of those lawyors who are planning to sue them for ordering a 8340234 cups of ice cream and not willing to pay for them. However, I never do this to strangers. Only my friends. And half of the times, they know who I am either because of my hysterical laughing or because they see my caller ID on their telephone screens.

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