When Scary is Appreciated

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Halloween is one of the coolest most awesome-est times ever. And guess what I dressed up as this time? Khione! You know, the one in The Heroes Of Olympus… the goddess of snow and stuff. It was real fun. Except half the people thought I was a fairy or a princess. My other friend dressed up as Persephone. Both of us had a hard time telling people who we were because it sounds real cheesy telling them you are the goddess of snow and the goddess of flowers. The little tots thought we were Barbies. And we had to settle with that. And this other friend of mine dressed up as Drew. Initially, she was supposedly a popstar according to her mom. But she thought that it was way too cheesy and her mom renamed her Lady Gaga. She denied (well, duh. Who wouldn’t?) that ‘offer’ and named herself as Drew.

Next year, I plan to be Percy Jackson. All you need to do is wear an orange T-shirt paired up with jeans and carry a pen, telling everyone it’s Riptide. This guy in my community wants to be Jason Grace next year and I burst out laughing. Because no one can ever be Jason. No one. Jason’s too ahhh, lovely for him. :)

Halloween is beast but the worst part is when your feet hurt after the whole journey. Gahh. Especially when you wear like 4 inch heels. Double Gahh. Except I changed into a pair of penguin flip flops later.

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